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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 200-350 hrn

“The story that can happen to everyone” – so says the playwright Tatyana Ivashchenko in her play “I Order Love”. The relationship between a man and a woman is always, to some extent, a detective. What will it all start with, what unexpected turns will the intrigue offer, what will be the outcome? The stories of the development of love stories, in general, are similar, but for any of them it is always interesting to watch, because the main thing in feelings are the nuances.

Every woman dreams of love, incredible and fabulous, wants to be happy and let, at least for a moment, but feel loved, desired … Especially when there is no strength to fight with loneliness! Maybe you can buy it? How much does love cost? In this issue, the heroine of the play is the tragedy of despair, but as usual, life is not unique, and now the illusion of its shades changes the view from tragedy to comedy.

To the unexpected denouement the viewer will go through labyrinths of relations between a man and a woman, their connections are fragile, incomprehensible, unexpected, changing all the time. Spectators to the end of the play will remain in suspense, trying to solve – either love or deception?

Performance language - Ukrainian

1 hour 15 minutes, without intermission

Genre - Comedy for adults

First night - 30 October 2015

Author - Tetiana Ivashchenko

Director - Sergey Pavlyuk

Set Designer - Sergey Rydvanetskiy

Costume Designer - Natalya Rydvanetska

Music - Sergey Pavlyuk

Coach of eurythmics - Sergey Shvydkiy

Stage manager - Sofia Lyudvichenko

Vira Mykolaivna