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Larisa Troyanovska

Honored Artist of Ukraine

Maksym MaksimukMerited Artist of Ukraine

Leading actress of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater in Podol. Graduated from the Kiev National Theater, Film and TV University named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary (artistic directors of the course Ada Rogovtseva and Leonid Oleinik).

In the theater since 1988.


“Opera Mafioso” by V. Stanilov – Juliana
“Half-witted Jourdain” by M. Bulgakov – singing teacher
“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” by O. Tabakov and E. Uspensky – Chamomile 
“Frightful Fairy Tale” by N. Gogol – witch, fortune-teller
“… But I Will Come For Your Souls …” according to V. Vysotsky – Prologue 
“Quarter of the Celestials” by O. Korotko – The Steward 
“How to Marry” by T. Ivashchenko – Galya

“The Secret of Being” (T. Ivashchenko) – Olga Khoruzhynska (wife of I. Franko);

“I Killed” by T. Ivashchenko – Wife 
“Treasures of Bahram” by R. Kachalov and E. Uspensky – Birch 
“Miss Julia” by A. Strindberg – Servant Christina
“The Madrid Waters” by L. de Vega – Maid

Intermezzo for K. Paustovsky (solo performance)
“Six Characters in Search of the Author” L. Pirandello – Prima 
“Memoirs of a Young Doctor” M. Bulgakov – Anna Nikolaevna 
“Noble Elections” G. Kvitki-Osnovyanenko – Hope Makarovna
“Where do Babies Come From?” – Paulina

“Ancient Fog of Love” – (solo performance)

“Pharaohs” – Ganna

“In the Steppes of Ukraine” – Galya

“The Lower Depths” – Kvashnya, dumpling merchant

“Suzir’ya” Theater Workshop:

“I’m Cramped By My Own Name” by T. Ivashchenko (directed by V. Borisyuk) – Isadora Duncan


Laureate of the “Noah’s Ark” Theater Festival (Sevastopol).
Laureate of the festival “Kafa 2004” (Simferopol).
Laureate of the theater festival “Premieres of the Season” (Ivano-Frankovsk).
Prizewinner of the theater festival “Ternopil Evenings”.
Gratitude to the City Mayor for his great contribution to the development and promotion of the Ukrainian language and proactive public activities. 

“Kyiv Pectoral” – 2019 Award in the nomination “The Best Supporting Actress” (the role of Manyushka, Zoyka’s maid, in the play “Zoyka’s Apartment”, Director – Maxim Golenko).


1989. August. Poland. Krakow. Elena Gura. Festival of Arts.
1990. July. Greece. Festival “Olimpicos”.
2000. Italy. Rome. Theater “Vashello”. Tour.
2000. 2003. 2004. Lvov. International Theater Festival “Golden Lion”.
2003. 2004. All-Ukrainian tour “Art Against Drug Addiction and AIDS”.

2006. VII International Black Sea Theater Festival in Trabzon (Turkey). 


FOR TWO HARES − Seklita Filippovna Limeriha

− Njura, bread slicer

UNCLE VANYA − Marina, old nurse

I ORDER LOVE − Vira Nikolaevna

LEVUSHKA − Grandmother Dasha

− Florence

MOTHER − Women's voice on the radio

− Kvashnya, a hawker of meat pies

− Polyna

− Zinajda



Grey Bees − Svetka

Zoyka's Apartment − Manyushka, Zoyka's maid