When purchasing tickets for theater performances, viewers agree with these Rules and commit themselves to comply with them.


Visiting the theater without a ticket is impossible, regardless of the age of the viewer.

Evening performances can be visited by persons over 12 years old.

When buying a ticket, the viewer agrees:

  • adhere to the age recommendations and instructions indicated on the ticket and in the repertoire.
  • take away outerwear, hats, bags, backpacks, umbrellas, balloons to the wardrobe or keep them in special boxes for storing things.

The start time of the performance is indicated on the ticket.

The doors to the theatre are open 30 minutes before the performance.
After the third call, the entrance to the parterre is not possible. In the case of a delay, you should take a place proposed by the administrator. The place indicated on the ticket can be taken after the intermission.


Theater on Podil has a special program that makes art accessible to the vulnerable social groups. Including Kyiv Card holders. For each performance there is a possibility to buy tickets at a discounted price. For a small stage – 2 seats, for a large (New) stage – 16 seats.

Tickets can only be purchased at the box office if there is a document confirming the right to benefits. The offer is valid if there are seats available.

Visiting a performance for people on wheelchairs is possible with previous agreement with the administration no later than one week before the date of the performance, due to the need to dismantle seats in the audience hall and preparation for the visit. 


In the theater it is impossible:

  • to be in the auditorium in the upper clothing, with food and drinks;
    be drunk;
  • film the performances without prior administrative permission;
  • take pictures with the flash during the play;
  • visit theater with animals.

The theater administration asks for the transfer of mobile phones to silent mode while watching the play.

In case of an emergency, the audience must follow the instructions of the theater’s staff.


Spectators should observe the rules of public order, theatrical etiquette and fire safety guidelines.


Being in the theater, the audience should be careful with theatrical property. Material losses caused to the Theater are recovered from the perpetrators in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Ukraine.

In case of a performance change, purchased tickets are considered valid and cannot be exchanged.


On Saturday and Sunday plays start at 17:00!