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Tatiana Pechenkina

Timur PolyanskyiHonored Art Worker of Ukraine. Head of the musical part

Leading actress of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater in Podol. Graduated from the Kiev National Theater, Film and TV University named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary (course by N. Rushkovsky).

In the theater since 1987.


“Opera Mafioso” by V. Stanilov – Eleanor 
“Miss Julie” by Strindberg – Cook 
“Vertep” by V. Shevchuk – The Old Woman, The Maiden 
“Innkeeper” K. Goldoni – Actress for li Popolli 
“Mowgli” R. Kipling – Wolf-mother 
“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” E. Uspensky – Queen


“Other People’s Secrets”


“Second before…”

“The Witch”


“The Pit”

“The Former”

“A Completely Different Life”


“Train of Mercy”


Often stars in commercials for trademarks “Nasha Ryaba”, “Wella”, “Radioprojects”, UMC and others.


1989. United States. Lexington. “Woodlanders Festival.”
1989. Costa Rica. Festival “San Jose de la Paz”.
1990. Greece. The “Olympicos” festival.
1991. USA. New Jersey. Tour of Virginia.


Tatiana Pechenkina was awarded the diploma of the Kiev Mayor for her significant contribution to the development of national culture and personal professional mastership.
She was also awarded with the diploma “For many years of fruitful activity, for a significant contribution to the development of the theatrical art of Ukraine”. 


− Varvara Kapitonovna, mother

UNCLE VANYA − Vojnitskaya Mariya Vasil'evna, widow of secret adviser, mother of the first wife of professor

MOTHER − Mother

− Gabriel, also known as Malu

− Alexandra Ivanovna

OBEZH − Mrs. Jankovich