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Sergey Sipliviy

Sofia Pisman


Leading actor of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater in Podol. He graduated from Kiev National Theater, Film and TV University named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary.

In the theater since 1987.


“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by V. Shakespeare – Duda 
“Vertep” by V. Shevchuk – Hermit
“Dawn and the death of Pablo Neruda” by I. Dracha – Juanisimo 
“Sophocles, Shakespeare, Brecht.” Theater version on Podol – Actor 
“… But I will come by your souls …” according to V. Vysotsky
“Now There Are Two of Us” by F.G. Lorca – Perlimplin, Shoemaker
“Holy Kabbalah” by M. Bulgakov – the possessed
“Mowgli” by R. Kipling – Monkey 
“Treasures of Bahram” by R. Kachalov, E. Uspensky – Bahram 
“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” by O. Tabakov, G. Ustinova – Cactus 
“Honeymoon of the Commissioner of Police” by R. Tom – Journalist 
“Quarter of the Celestials” by A. Korotko – Grandfather 


“Territory of Beauty” (2009) – episodic role

“I Want to Go to Paris” (directed by S. Krutin, 2009) – party organizer

“Stranger” (directed by A. Bomatov, 2009) – collective farmer

“Shark” (directed by M. Mekheda, 2009) – Doctor Klyuyev

“The Vanished Train” (directed by M. Meheda, 2009) – General Reznick

“The Novel of the Day Off” (directed by V. Zhilko, 2009) – grandfather

“Abduction of the Goddess” (directed by A. Berezan, 2009) – episodic role

“Attraction” (directed by A. Azarov, 2008) – episodic role

“Paradise birds” (directed by R. Balayan, 2008) – neighbor

“Lord Andrey” (directed by L. Yanchuk, 2008) – investigator

“Money for a Daughter” (directed by Z. Buadze, 2007) – episodic role

“Death to Spies” (directed by S. Lyalin, 2007) – episodic role

“Extraterrestrial” (directed by S. Krutin, 2007) – village doctor

“Without Special Signs” (directed by V. Yanoschuk, 2006) – episodic role

“Bogdan-Zinovy ​​Khmelnitsky” (directed by N. Mashchenko, 2006) – Ksenz

“The Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno” (directed by N. Kaptan, 2006) – Shomper

“The Blood Circle” (directed by B. Nebieridze, 2006) – bum

“The First Rule of the Queen” (directed by V. Krishtofovich, 2006) – judge

“Vices and Their Admirers” (directed by V. Popkov, 2006) – lawyer

“The Search for Love” (directed by O. Goida, 2005) – episodic role

“Golden Guys” (directed by B. Nebieridze, 2005) – episodic role

“The Bright Night” (directed by R. Balayan, 2004) – Stoker

“Russian Medicine” (directed by A. Prachenko, 2004) – episodic role

“Return of Mukhtar” (2004)

“The Earth Has Dried Up” (directed by T. Tomenko, 2004) – angel

“Love in the Snow, or a Dream on a Winter Night” (directed by O. Bayrak, 2003) – episodic role

“Loafers” (directed by O. Bayrak, 2002) – episodic role

“Under the Roofs of a Big City” (directed by V. Krishtofovich, 2002) – episodic role

“Right to Defense” (directed by V. Krishtofovich, 2002) – episodic role

“Doll” (directed by B. Nebieridze, 2002) – episodic role

“Take Your Overcoat” (directed by V. Yushchenko, 1998) – Sergey


1990. Greece. Theatrical festival “Olympicos”.
1992. Mexico. Mexico City. Theatrical festival “Cervantino”.
2002. Cyprus. Tour of the cities.
2003-2004. All-Ukrainian tour “Art Against Drug Addiction and AIDS”.
2000, 2003, 2004. Lvov. Theater Festival “Golden Lion”. 


− Father


− Timofey

− Jourdain


ONE HUNDRED THOUSANDS − Bоnaventura, digger

− Father

OBEZH − Mr. Lazich

ATTEMPT TO LOVE − Rostom's father