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Miroslav Pavlichenko

Mykhailo KrishtalMerited Artist of Ukraine

Actor of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater in Podol. He graduated from Kyiv National Theater, Film and TV University named after I.K. Karpeno-Kary.

In the theater since 2002.


“A Little Night Sonata for a Woman, a Man and a Troll” by A. Strindberg – Troll

“Vertep” by V. Shevchuk – Vertepnik, The Boy

“Noble Elections” G. Kvitki-Osnovyanenko – Prince Tarakanov

“Summer Evening in Paradise” – Dieter


“Critical State” (2002, directed by A. Mateshko) – patient

“The Madhouse” (2006, directed by A. Mateshko) – Expert Alexey

“The Return of Mukhtar 3” (“The Hunt for a Clown”, 2006, directed by V. Yushchenko) – Clown

“Train of Mercy” (2010, director I. Khamraev) – bum

“Train of Mercy” (2010, director I. Khamraev) – son-in-law

“Efrosinya” (2011, directed by M. Morkushev) – operative Igor

“The White Guards” (2011, directed by S. Snezhkin) – the sub-ensign Sinitsyn


From 2007 to 2009 he voiced the main character of Herve Bourdon’s program “Kitchen with the Kaiser”, as well as foreign heroes of the program “Kartata Potata” Dasha Malakhova. 


LEVUSHKA − Custodian

− Cure

MOTHER − Andriy

DEAD SOULS − Petrushka

− Bubnov, capmaker

APPREHENSION OF MYNA MAZAILO − Tertika, member of the komsomol, Man from the future, doctor

THE RAINMAKER − Bill Starbuck

− Mechetkin

− Dergachev

Grey Bees − Vladlen