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Mykhailo Krishtal

Merited Artist of Ukraine

Elena Svirskaya

Actor of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater in Podol.

Actor of theater, serials, dubbing for cinema and TV, composer, poet.


1985 – 1989 – Dnepropetrovsk State Theater School (now the Dneprovsky Theater and Art College, Master – H. a. N. Pinskaya.)




1989- 2009 – actor of the Donetsk Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater;

2009 – actor of the Kiev Academic Theater on Podol;


Donetsk Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater:

“Cynics” (according to A. Mariengof, director – A. Urbanovich) – Vladimir,

“Colomba” (J. Anuy, director – Hon. D. M. Ukraine S. Moiseev) – Julien,

“Memorial Prayer” (G. Gorin for Sholom – Aleichem, director – Honored member of Ukraine. Y. Kochevenko) – Fedor,

“Love and the Crown” (J. Cocteau, director – Honored Ukraine of Ukraine Y. Kochevenko) – Stanislas,

“Inspector” (N. Gogol, director – Russia O. Dzekun) – Postmaster,

“Trees die while standing” – (A. Kason, director – K. Dobrunov) – second,

“Mad Jourdain” (M. Bulgakov, director — Honored by D. M. Ukraine A. Arkadin – Schoolboy) – Hubert-Madame Jourdain,

“The Twelfth Night” (V. Shakespeare, director – A. Bakirov) – Duke Orsino,

“There are only girls in jazz” (according to the film by B. Walder, – Departure. D. M. of Ukraine A. Arkadin – Schoolboy) – Jerry – Daphne,

“Scandal in the Grand – Opera, or find the tenor” (K. Ludwig – Hon. D. M. Ukraine A. Arkadin – Schoolboy) – Tito Morelli,

“Boeing-Boeing” (M. Kamoletti, – Departure. D. M. Ukraine A. Arkadin – Schoolboy) – Robert,

“The Glass Menagerie” (T. Williams, director – V. Pinsky) – Jim.

Theater on Podol:

“Where do children come from” (A. Crimea, director – Nar. Art. Ukraine V.

Malakhov) – Timofey,

“Dead Souls” (M. Bulgakov after N. Gogol, director – Honored. Art. Ukraine I. Slavinsky) – Manilov,

“Innkeeper” (C. Goldoni, director – Nar. Art. Ukraine V.

Malakhov) – Count Albaforiorta.

Levushka (A. Crimea, director – Duty. Art. Ukraine I. Slavinsky) – grinder,

“The diary of a young doctor” – (M. Bulgakov, director – Nar. Art. Ukraine V.

Malakhov) – Father,

“La bonne Anna or how to save the family” – (M. Kamoletti, director – Hon. Art. Ukraine I. Slavinsky) – Bernard,

“Mirror Saint-Germain” (B. Akunin, director – Nar. Art. Ukraine V.

Malakhov) – Vova,

“Trio in E flat” (E.Romer, director – Honored. Art. Ukraine I. Slavinsky) – Paul,

“Eyes of the Day” (A. Gremina, director I. Grischenko) – Taper,

“Strange Jourdain” (M. Bulgakov, director – Nar. Art. Ukraine V.

Malakhov) – Madame Jourdain,

“Forest” (A. Ostrovsky, director A. Katunin) – Vosmibratova,

“Free Relations” (Dario Fo, Franca Rame, director I. Mative) – Man.

Non-state theater project under the auspices of the British Embassy:


“Troilus and Cressida” (V. Shakespeare, director – J. Banatvala) – Agamemnon.


AWARDS: Honored Artist of Ukraine,

Laureate of the festivals “Theater Donbass” (1992 – debut, 2006 – the best male role), “Melpomene Tavria” (2006 best male role).




Roles in TV shows and movies:

“Everyone must die” (directed by S. Bukovsky) – Ivan Doroshenko,

“Brother for Brother” – (directors

  1. Turansky, A. Larin) – investigator,

“The war ended yesterday” (directed by V. Balkashinov) – party secretary

“The Return of Mukhtar” (seasons 6 – 7)

“Efrosinya” – a doctor

“Route of Mercy” – a policeman,

“Heartbeat” (directed by S. Lysenko) – Vasnetsov,

“Painting with chalk” (directed by V. Ibragimov) – Sabateev,

“Female Doctor” (director A. Goyda) – investigator Tishchenko,

SMERSH-3 (director E. Palmov) – an officer of the NKVD,

“SBU. Special operation. “- employee of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine,

“Matchmakers – 6” (director A. Yakovlev) – official of the FMS,

“I thought you will always be” (director A. Filippenko) – Vasily,

“Double Life” (director D. Laktionov). – Michael,

“The Cop – 2” (director A. Fomin) – Manzhura,

“The Case of the Angel” (directed by G. Davydov) – the priest,

“Storm” special squad “” (director V. Ibragimov) – prosecutor

“Charlie” (director D. Laktionov) – firefighter,

“Deadly alive” (director M. Stetskov) – doctor,

“Beauty Lyalya” (director D. Goldman) – Tumakov,

“Light and Shadow of a Beacon” (directed by S. Tishchenko) – Kolesov,

“Immortelle” (director D. Goldman) – Collector,

“Mistress” (directed by B. Nedich) – Makar,

“I am with you” (director A. Turansky) – Gorovoy,

“Servant of the people”, “Servant of the people 2”, “Servant of the people. From the love of impeachment “(directed by A. Kiryushchenko) – the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament,

“Cop wars. Odessa “- Zgursky,

“Cop wars. Kiev “- Jura,

“Good intentions” – investigator Belov,

“Native blood” – Ignat,

“To live for love” – ​​White.



He constantly collaborates with voice and duplication studios (“LeDoyen”, “Postmodern”, “3ASound”, “PiePost Production”), as well as with the TV channels “STB”, “Ukraine”. Collaborated with TVi TV, MaxiTV, the studio “Tretyakoff Production”.



Paul Bettany (“Priest”, “Superiority”,),

Andy Serkis (“The Hobbit. Neoquiquana_podorozh”, “Death of a Superhero”, “Union of Beasts”),

Mark Strong (“Jack Carter”),

Liam_Nison (“Three Days to Escape”, “Povitriniy_ marshal”, “Silence”, “Widows”),

Laurence Fishburn (Zaraza, Kumba),

Nicolas Cage (“Witch Time”, “Medallion”, “Frozen Earth”, “Fugitive”, “Cruiser”),
Joel Edgerton (“The Great Gatsby”),
Rufus Suel (“Hercules”),
John Cleese (“Airplanes”, “Trolls”),
Kevin Bacon (“This is … crazy … love”, “Black Mass”),
Ben Mendelsohn (“The Dark Knight. Restoration of a Legend”),
Samuel Finzi (“The Seducer”),
Jared Harris (“Sherlock Holmes. A Game of Shadows,” “The Monsters Family,” “Agents U.N.C.L.E”),
Kiefer Sutherland (“Pompeii”),
Sting (“The Perfect Male – 2”),
Josh Brolin (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Avengers. Confrontation”, “Avengers. War of Infinity”, “Deadpool – 2”, “Sicario – 2”)
Wilhel Defoe (“Guilty Stars”),
Michael Madsen (“The Ugly Eight”),
Keanu Reeves (“John Wick”, “Exotic Wedding”),
Sebastian Koch (“Girl from Denmark”),
Malcolm McDowell (“How to make love in English”),
Rhys Ivans (“Alice Through the Looking Glass”),
Jordi Moglia (“In the Heart of the Sea”, “Criminal”),
Sean Bean (“Ascending Jupiter”, “Pixels”),
Benjamin Bratt (Mission in Miami, Doctor Strange, Coco),
Jean Dujardin (“Mobius”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “French Transit”),
Ethan Hawke (“Remember All” (version for DVD and Blu – Ray), “Time Patrol”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Valerian. The City of Thousand Planets”),
Benedict Cumberbatch (“Imitation Game”),
Christian Clavier (“CITY-2”, “Aliens. Bastille”),
Forest Whitaker (“Arrival”),
Barry Pepper (“automons”),
Bottom Yen (“Three X’s – 3”),
Peter Rigert (“American Pastoral”),
Matt Dillon (“Go out beautifully”),
Tomash Mashtalir (“Border”, Ukrainian version),
Daytime MacBride (“Alien. Testament”, “Rock in the East”),
Anthony LaPaglia (“Anabel. Creation”),
John Hamm (“On Drive”),
Michael Keaton (“American Killer”),
Jason Isaacs (“We Are Monsters”, “Stalin’s Death”),
James Darcy (“Dunkirk”),
Mark Hamill (“Kingsman”, “Star Wars. The Last Jedi”),
Jason Clark (“Winchester”),
Lior Ashkenazi (“Operation Entebbe”),
Bernard Farsi (“Taxi – 5″),
Rob Real (“Dumb and Dumber – 2”, “Monsters on Vacation – 2”, “Status: Update”,
Tim Curry (The Little Mermaid, TV series),
Charles Judels (“Pinocchio”),
Will Wright (“Bambi”),
Cat Ferguson (“Bambi – 2”),
James Apomut Fall (Pocahontas, Pocahontas-2)
Mike Myers (“Bohemian Rhapsody”),
Bruce Willis (“Glass”),
Viggo Mortensen (Green Book),

and many others.
The author of music and songs for the performances of the Donetsk National Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater: “These Free Butterflies”, “Cinderella”, “Trees Die Standing Up”, “Brave Heart of the Sit-eyed”. He is also the author and performer of the anthem of the Industrial Union of Donbass corporation and the anthem of FC Metallurg (Donetsk).


− Bernar

− Father

LEVUSHKA − Grinder

− Vosmibratov Ivan

MOTHER − Male voice on the radio

DEAD SOULS − Manilov, squire

− Timofey

− Madam Jurden


− Director

A Clockwork Orange − Character