Playbill of events

(Ua) 16+
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Scene Igor Slavinskiy`s stage
Performance start 18:00

Please pay attention to the start time of the show, which is indicated in your ticket!

If air raid would be announce, all spectators and theater staff must follow to the shelter. After the signal to cancel the danger, we will continue to play the play.
In case the alarm lasts for more than an hour, we will play the play on the morning of the next working day, so that everyone can get home safely before curfew.

By supporting the theater, you are investing in the future.
Thank you for staying with us.

Do you believe in love after 20 years of married life, when an incredible, passionate, crazy feeling… has passed?
But aren’t the years of married life worth giving the relationship another chance?
Maybe seek advice from a professional? To finally put all the points …



Performance language - російська

Additional Information - (Ua) переклад з німецької Богдана Сторохи

(Ua) 2 години з антрактом

Genre - (Ua) комедія

First night - (Ua) 26 лютого 2021 року

Author - (Ua) Даніель Глаттауер

(Ua) Режисер-постановник - (Ua) Поліна Медведева

(Ua) Художник-постановник та художник з костюмів - (Ua) Олена Дробна

(Ua) Музичне оформленя - (Ua) Тимур Полянський, Станіслав Мельник

(Ua) Художник з освітлення - Sergey Nevgadovsky

(Ua) Балетмейстер - Angelika Borisova

(Ua) Відео - Alexander Bratinov

(Ua) Помічник режисера - (Ua) Софія Людвіченко

(Ua) Консультант
(Ua) Йоана
(Ua) Валентин