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Performance start 19:00
Ticket price 150-600 hrn
Snow in April

Based on the novel “The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone” by Tennessee Williams, adaptation by Polina Medvedeva.

A famous American actress suddenly stopped her theatrical carrier in New-York and come to Rome. She met there an attractive young man. They think that their life begins all over again, but… “Rome is a cruel city and it is too dangerous to play on its streets”.
What will happen next? It is the secret even for creators of the performance.


«Snow in April» is a high-quality, classical play for theater-goers who do not like scandalous experiments…»

The aging star of the scene, the American Karen Stone (Irina Grishchenko), has just failed in a role that is more suitable for a young woman. She decides to rest in Europe, but failures continue to haunt her. When Karen admits to her friend Meg that she would not give up the male society, she acquaints her with the high priestess, Countess (Tamara Plashchenko), who finds her a beautiful young man – Italian Paolo Di Lio (Konstantin Temlyak). Karen falls in love with a young man with the saddest consequences…

You could say that there is a big difference between theater and cinema with its huge budgets, computer graphics and opportunities for commercial promotion of the finished product? Usually, avid theatergoers say that it’s interesting to watch live the interaction of the actors, their emotions and, sometimes, their mistakes. It’s such an exclusive! But the performance of Polina Medvedeva doesn’t need these excuses – the artwork from Andreas von Schlippe admireы with laconism, the scenery and set design is mature”. N. Lezhnev 


Performance language – Ukrainian 

Additional Information – Translation by Marianna Kiyanovskaya

2 hours 30 minutes with intermission

First night – 12 April 2019

Author – Polina Medvedeva by Tennessee Williams

Director – Polina Medvedeva

Set & Costume Designer – Andreas von Schlippe

Producers – Vladimir Prudkin, Irina Batko-Stupka

Music – Timur Polyansky 

Lighting Designer – Sergey Nevgadovsky 

Choreographer – Angelika Borisova

Sound – Sergey Shevchenko

Video – Alexander Bratinov

Stage Manager – Lyubov Skirko 

Karen Stone
Servantes of proscenium