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George Hostikoev

Maryna Bohun

Invited actor.

Actor of theater and cinema


In 2002 he graduated from the Kyiv National University of Theater, Cinema and Television named after I.K.Karpenko-Karyi. The specialty is the actor of theater and cinema, the course of the People’s Artist of the USSR Yu Mazhuga.





“Primas”  by K. Ludwig “Primate” – Leo, the main role

“Love in French” by M. Camoletti

“French dinner” – Robert, the main role

“Boeing – Boeing”by M. Camoletti – Bernard, the main role

Entreprise “Beniuk and Hostikoev Company” and “Free Theater” in Kyiv:

“Those who overcome the gloom” by the play “Such Free Butterflies” by Leonard Gersh – Don, the main role

“Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach-Jonathan, the main role

“All his sons” by the play “Number” K.Cherchil, director V. Malakhov – Bernard1, Bernard 2, Michael, main roles

“Of Mice and Men”  Steinbeck, director V. Malakhov – Carlson “My profession – Senior from a higher society” Skarnachchi and Tarabuzi – Nicoletto, the main role


“Theater on Podil”

“Number” by K. Churchill, director V.Malakhov – Bernard1, Bernard 2, Michael – main roles


National Academic Theater of Ukrainian Drama named after Ivan Franko

“Musketeers” – King and Man in the Mask, the main roles “Christmas Coupello” – Nenillo“Carmen” – Jose “Othello” – Rodrigo


Works in Cinema and TV series:

2018 “Another” – Peter Radulov

2018 “The heir unwittingly” – Professor Igor Svyatoslavovich, the main role

2017 “What does your wife do?” – Victor2016 “Good Bad Police” – Oleg

2015 “How Stylized Stylist 2” – directed by Phil

2014 “While the village is sleeping” – Bogdan, the main role

2014 “White Wolves 2” – Andriy Razumovsky2013 “Beach” – Pasha

2012 “Dumb” – Gosha, the main role2011 “Lovers in Kiev – Hero, the main role

2010 “Farewell, Corrido” – Esteban, the role of the second plan2009 “Red Lotus” – Igor, the role of the second plan

2008 “Bride to order” – Oleg

2008 Bogdan Zinovy Khmelnytsky – Spanish nobleman

2007 Gluhar – Mark Grabal

2007 “Open up the police!” – Ruslan2007 Vysyaki – Andriy Fradkov

2006 “The mystery of St. Patrick” – Ivan, the role of the second plan

2004 “Sorochinsky fair” – Gritsko, the main role

2004 “Ashes of the Phoenix” – Vadim

2003 “Atlantis” – Roma, the role of another plan

2001 “Werewolf Trail” – Vadim

2000 “Roksolana 2” – Bayazet, the role of another plan

1998 “Seventh route” – a tourist from America



2010 Leader of the program “About the Stars” (ICTV).


• Prize in the nomination “The best male role of the second plan” for the work in “Atlantis” (directed by A. Pavlovsky) at the BIFF (Berdyansk International Film Festival) in 2002.

• Nominee of the Kiev theatrical prize “Pectoral” for the main roles in the play “Number” 2005.• Nominee for the National Ukrainian program “Man of the Year” 2011.



GOT TO BE FREE − Ivan, rock musician, volunteer of Maidan