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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 350-700 hrn
Early in the morning, unknown people break into Josef K.'s house. He was arrested. The reason is unknown. Attempts to find out "for what" and how to justify it turn out to be futile.
Josef K. desperately tries to talk to the judges - to no avail. It only gets more and more entangled in the labyrinth of surreal bureaucracy.
Is the process progressing? He does not know either the audience or the main character. The court's decision is also unknown, but Josef feels that his time is running out. Everything turned into a senseless chase for information about a mysterious verdict. He moves into the fact that his life was never his own.

For the last year of his life, Josef K. lives under the pressure of a legal process, about which no one knows anything. Even the judges handling his case do not know what the character is accused of. He is guilty simply because every person in this life can be guilty of something - and that is enough.

Once upon a time, Shakespeare compared human life to the theater. Kafka went even further: he saw in life one endless trial, senseless and merciless.

Performance language - російська

(Ua) 1 година 30 хвилин без антракту

Genre - (Ua) Трагікомедія

First night - (Ua) 12 січня 2024 року

Author - (Ua) за мотивами Франца Кафки

Director, adaptation and music - David Petrosyan

Set and costume designer - Anna Shkrogal

Light - Maksym Muzira

Plastic - Olga Goldys

Sound - Sergey Shevchenko

Video - Alexander Bratinov

Stage manager - Sofia Lyudvichenko

- Vladyslav Tsehmeystruk

Josef K.
Merchant Blok
The inspector
The lawyer
The lawyer's secretary