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Performance start 16:00
Ticket price 200-600 hrn
A LULLABY FOR A FOX like no one has seen before

Be careful, our lullaby is not for children!

Three stories. Three destinies. Three loves.

The passion that burns to the ground, rips out the soul and reveals the black abyss of madness covered Dora, the lover, the wife without a wedding ring, the muse of Picasso’s genius.
Love that gives: care, faith, support.
Love-holy water washes away all sorrows and brings harmony. Then ten years in poverty, in four white walls you feel the happiest man in the whole world.

Falling in love is like a game, intellectual, romantic and magical. No happy ending. No continuation, no future. You can feel needed, you can bask in the rare rays of attention, but there will come a time when living means slamming the door and moving on.

After each one, devastation and sadness awaits us, and the quiet singing of lullabies for the lonely Fox, whom no one has seen for real. Yet.

Performance language - Ukrainian

Additional Information - Translated from Lithuanian by Beatrice Beliavtsiv

2 hours with intermition

Genre - so different women's love

First night - 10 of September

Author - Andra Kavaliauskaite

Assistant translater - Valery Tyagun

Artist's assistant - Daria Kalmykova

Music - Stanislav Melnyk, Valentina Sergeeva, Ihor Volkov, Maxim Gruber, Yuriy Felipenko, Kostyantyn Temlyak, Yevhen Kovyrzanov, Kyrylo Karpuk

Sound - Sergey Shevchenko

Stage manager - Tetyana Antonova

Light - Serhiy Nevgadovskyi, Victor Veonidov

Dora І
Dora ІІІ
The youngest son
(Ua) Лукне(доросла)
Lukne (young)