Nationwide charitable program “It Is So Easy To Help” 
The nationwide charitable program “It Is So Easy To Help” is aimed at helping the homeless children of Ukraine.
 According to official statistics, there are more than 200,000 such children in our country, but in reality this figure is highly underestimated. And today we must admit to ourselves and society at large that there are more homeless children than after the Second World War. The campaign “It Is So Easy To Help“, organized by life, has been going for a third year, beginning during the New Year holidays of 2005. In that year, over 300,000 hryvna was transferred to 15 children’s homes in different parts of the country. In 2006, the program “It Is So Easy To Help ” collected 730,000 hryvna, 230,000 of which consisted of donations from life subscribers, more than 250,000 hryvna – funds collected from the charity tour of Irina Bilyk and 250,000 hryvna – contributed by the life  company. The money was distributed between the Kiev International Charitable Fund “Father’s House” and the Khmelnitsky Fund “Mercy”. Homeless children of Kiev and Khmelnitsky can now not only get a roof over their heads, but also have the opportunity to learn and develop.
In 2006, the charity event “It Is So Easy To Help” was attended by the stars of Ukrainian theater, cinema and television. All funds were transferred to three non-state funds in Odessa, Lubny and Vinnitsa. The focus is on non-state children’s homes, because the organizers want to know to whom exactly the money will be transferred, and to know with whom to ask. The company generally seeks to ensure that the transfer of funds is as transparent as possible, for this purpose, in those cities where money will be transferred, they will invite the press as public observers.
When the company learned that the director of the theater on Podol, People’s Artist of Ukraine Vitaly Malakhov dreamed of making a project for homeless children, they decided to join forces. First, Malakhov had the idea to take children from the streets and teach them the necessary theatrical professions – lighters, make-up artists, etc. The initiators of the program also had such a center in mind, since everyone understood that it is very difficult for children from an orphanage to adapt to society, and to enter the world it is necessary for them to already have a ready profession. Discussion around these ideas led to the birth of the play “It Is So Easy To Help, or Where Children Come From.” Although the original plan was to create a production in which homeless children would be involved, in the end they came to the idea that it would be better to create a performance that could instead raise money for these children. Of course, stars must participate in it, because they are trusted, they are listened to, they are clamored for. So the idea grew from one to another, and in the play appeared Vladimir Goryansky, Masha Efrosinina, Dasha Malakhova, Natalya Dolya, Irma Vitovskaya, Grigory Chapkis.
In 2007, the tour of the performance around the cities of Ukraine started from July and lasted until the end of November within the framework of the charity campaign “It Is So Easy To Help.” Spectators coming to the performance will not only be able to take part in the charity event (all money from ticket sales is transferred to the centers working with street children in Odessa, Vinnitsa and Lubny), but also to see their favorite artists in an unusual role. The leitmotif on the theatrical stage of 28 Ukrainian cities, along with a life-affirming and all-encompassing sense of motherhood, has become a simple, but extremely important truth – it really is very easy to help!