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Volodymyr Kuznetsov

Merited Artist of Ukraine

Katerina Rubashkina

Leading actor of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater in Podol, master of the stage. He graduated from the Kiev National University Theater of Cinema and TV named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary.

In the theater since 1987.


Laureate of the “Kiev Pectoral” in 2008 for the role of Zamukhrshkin in the play “The Players” by N. Gogol.


Laureate of the Ambrose Buchma theatrical award in 2010 for the role of Plyushkin in the play “Dead Souls” by M. Bulgakov.




“I – Kyiv” V. Korotich – The Guy
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by W. Shakespeare – Francis Duda 
“The Rascal” N. Matukovsky – Jerry Finn 
“Showcase” E. Chepovetskov – Tsellofanov 
“Sophocles. Shakespeare. Brecht.”(Richard Sh.) – Romeo, Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet

“Dawn and Death of Pablo Neruda” by I. Drach – Pablo Neruda 
“Farewell, Entertainer” G. Gorin – Nikolai Burkini 
“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” E. Uspensky – Cactus 
“Dictatorship of Conscience” M. Shatrov – Editor-in-Chief 
“Lunin, or the Death of Jacques” by E. Radzinsky Lunin 
“Holy Kabbalah” / Moliere / M. Bulgakov – Molière

“Mowgli” R. Kipling – Akela 
“Vertep” of V. Shevchuk – Vertepnik, Grandfather, Korchmar 
“Krepp’s Last Tape” S. Beckett Krepp 
“Outcome” S. Beckett The protagonist 
“Now There are Two of Us” G. Lorca – Chobot 
“Feast in a Time of Plague” by A. Pushkin Don Guan 
“Opera Mafioso” by V. Stanilov – Don Coladzhero 
“Iago” on “Othello” by V. Shakespeare – Othello 
“Translations” by B. Frila Big Hugh  

“The Secret of Being” (T. Ivashchenko) – Ivan Franko
“Uncle Vanya” by A. Chekhov – Ivan Petrovich Voynitsky, son of Maria Vasylivna
“Mother” by K. Chapek’s is Grandfather
“At the bottom” by M. Gorky – Luka, the traveler
“Dead Souls” by M. Bulgakov after M. Gogol – Plyushkin, landlord
“Letter to God” by A. Krym – Lemares
“Last Summer in Chulysk” by O. Vampilova – Pomigalov
“Dreams come to life” I. Vyripaev – Teddy


Theater Entreprise T. Zapolskaya – Man 
The general project of the Theater Club O. Liptsin
Center for Theater Research. Les Kurbas and the House of Turbins
“Makhaon” by the works of I. Goethe and M. Bulgakov


1989. United States. Kentucky. Woodland Dance Festival.
1989. Mexico. Mexico City. Festival “Cervantino”.
1989. Costa Rica. Festival “San Jose de la Pas”.
1990. Great Britain. “Vertep” V. Shevchuk.
1990. Finland. The days of Kiev in Tampere.
1991. Greece. Tours with the play “Madrid waters” Lope de Vega.
1991. USA. Tour.
1991. Great Britain. Tours with the play “Feast in a Time of Plague” by A. Pushkin.
1991. Germany. Freiburg.
1992. Poland. Elenya Gura. Theater Festival.
1992. Costa Rica. Festival of Arts.

1992. USA. Miami. Festival of Spanish Drama.
1993. Turkey. Ankara. The first international theater festival.
1993. Scotland. Edinburgh. International Theater Festival.
1995. Cardiff. Wales. Theater Festival.
1995. International festival. Chekhov’s anecdotes. 


The Stone Host − Sganarelle, servant of Don Juan