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Sergey Boiko

Honored Artist of Ukraine

Katerina Vayvala

Leading actor of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater on Podil. Graduated from Kiev National University of Theater, I.K. Karpenko-Kary Film and TV University.
In the theater since 1989.
“… But I will come for your souls …” according to V. Vysotsky – Beater
“The Madrid waters” L. de Vega – Bertrand
“Honeymoon of the Commissioner of Police” R.Toma – Patrice Maillard
“Night of Wonder” V. Shakespeare – Demetrius
“Feast in Time of Plague” by A. Pushkin – Don Carlos
“Opera Mafioso” by V. Stanilov – Giuseppe
“Summer and smoke” by T. Williams – Johnny
“Translations” by B. Freila – Owen
“The Bear” by A. Chekhov Smirnov
“Treasures of Bahram” by E. Uspensky and R. Kachalov – Zenzil
“Try to Catch the Imp by the Tail” T. Ivashchenko – He
“I killed …” T. Ivaschenko – Shooter
“Incredible Adventures of the New Year Tree” by S. Boyko, I. Slavinsky – Presenter
“Quarter of the Celestials” A. Korotko – Friend
Twice winner of the TV and cinema forum of the CIS countries in Yalta for the author’s TV program “Den’ Varenya “.
Nominee laureate “For the best children’s program” of the All-Ukrainian TV contest “Golden Era”.
Laureate of the All-Ukrainian TV contest for the best program for children “Crystal Origins” (“Evening Tale”).
Winner of the “Kiev Pectoral” for the role of Astrov in the play “Uncle Vanya” by A. Chekhov (2003).
The winner of the Ambrose Buchma theatrical award for the role of Nozdryov in the play Dead Souls by M. Bulgakov (2010).
“Haze” – Perez 
“Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno” – Commissioner 
“The Golden Guys” – Artist
“Come, Mukhtar!” – Forester
“By the Law”
“Hunter for Caravans” – officer Khaza
“Other People’s Mistakes”
“Hope, Faith and Love”
TV company “TET” – the leader of the program “Lonely Heart”
TV company “Gravis” – the host of the program “The Day of Jam”
The 1st Ukrainian TV channel – the host of the program “Evening Tale”
Leader of the program “Life Triva” on the 1st Ukrainian TV channel.
1989. Krakow.
1991. Great Britain. Tours with the play “Feast in Time of Plague” by A. Pushkin.
1991. Germany. Freiburg. Tours with the play “The Theatrical Novel” by M. Bulgakov.
1992. Poland. Elena Gura. Theatrical festival. “… But I will come for your souls …” V. Vysotsky.
1992. Costa Rica. Festival of Arts.
1992. USA. Miami. Festival of Spanish Drama.
1993. Turkey. Ankara. First International Theater Festival.
1993. Scotland. Edinburgh. International Theater Festival. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Iago” by Shakespeare’s Othello.
1995. Cardiff. Wales. Summer Festival. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Iago”.
1995. The World Festival. Chekhov’s anecdotes.
2003, 2004. All-Ukrainian tour “Art against drug addiction and AIDS”. 


− Borozdin, doctor

− Platonov

UNCLE VANYA − Astrov Mihail L'vovich, doctor

− Commissar

DEAD SOULS − Nozdrev, squire

− Sahtin

− Poboynja

− Covielle

LAST LANDING, or one day from the life of the internal organ − Writer


− Berl

WHAT I SAW IN MY DREAM... − Mikhail Ivanovich


Grey Bees − Pashka

LOVE POTION − Politic manager