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Dasha Malakhova

Igor Nikolaev

Actress of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater in Podol. She graduated from the Royal College of Music and Drama in Great Britain (course director Anthony Hopkins).

In the theater since 2006.


“Iago” based on the play by W. Shakespeare “Othello” – Desdemona ;

“Now There Are Two Of Us” G. Lorca – Kid ;

“Two Anecdotes From Chekhov” (English version of the play based on the works of A. Chekhov) – Popova, Natalia Stepanovna ;

“Where do Babies Come From?” – Jeanne ;
“Innkeeper” – Mirandolina ;
“The New Suffering of Young V.” – Shelley ;
“Six Black Candles” – Linda ;
“The Lower Depths” – Vasilisa Karpovna .


“Inter” TV channel – the leading culinary program “Kartata Potata”  


1992. USA. Miami. The Seventh International Festival of Spanish Literature “Avante”

1995. Egypt. Cairo. Festival of experimental theaters

1995. Great Britain. Wales. Cardiff. International Theater Festival

1995. Great Britain. Edinburgh. Fringe Festival 


− Tamara

− Vasilisa Karpovna, wife of Kostiliov

− Zhanna

− Stepdaughter

− Zoya Denisovna Pelts, widow

The Stone Host − Donna Anna

LOVE POTION − Aunt Tatiana