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Alla Serhiyko

Honored Artist of Ukraine

Anna Salivanchuk

Leading actress of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater in Podol. Graduated from the Kiev National Theater, Film and TV University named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary (artistic directors of the course – N. Molostova, N. Rushkovsky, 1978 edition).

From 1978 to 1979 she worked at the Theater for film actors (G. Kishinyov). From 1979 to 1985 – in the Kiev Variety Theater. From 1985 to 1987 – in the Kiev Youth Theater.

In the theater since 1987.



Diploma of TAS for the best theatrical debut.
Award of the International Movie festival “Brigantine” for the best female role.
Award of the International Movie festival “Stozhary” for the best female role.
Gold medal of Khanzhankovsky Memorial Festival (Moscow).
Special award of the International Movie Festival in Varna. International festival “Love is Madness”.






“Night of Miracles” by V. Shakespeare – Elena – STD prize for “best theatrical debut 1980”
“So Tells Me Inspiration” according to A. Blok – Lyubov Mendeleeva
“Dawn and Death of Pablo Neruda” by I. Dracha – Juan
“Miracles Without Miracles” by E. Uspensky – Nesmeyana
“Innkeeper” by K. Goldoni – Dejanira
“Don Perlimplin’s Love” by G. Lorca – Bellis
“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” by E. Uspensky – Snow White
“Idiot” by F. Dostoyevsky – Aglaya
“… But I Will Come For Your Souls …” according to V. Vysotsky – She
“Marquise de Sade” by Y. Mishima – Marquise Rene de Sade
“Master and Margarita” by M. Bulgakov – Margarita
“Hamlet” by W. Shakespeare – Gertrude
“Quarter of the Celestials” by A. Korotko – Love
“In the Steppes of Ukraine” by A. Korneychuk – Palazhka (winner of the “Kiev Pectoral” for the Best Performance of 2001)

“Uncle Ivan” by A. Chekhov Elena Andreevna (winner of the “Kiev Pectoral” for Best Performance of 2004)

“The Apprehension of Mina Mazailo” by N. Kulish – Baranova-Kozino (winner of the “Kiev Pectoral” for the best supporting female role of 2004)

“My Century” by M. Laurence – Marelle

“Six Characters in Search of the Author” by L. Perandello – Prima

“The House Leaving into Darkness” by K. Smeds – old woman

“White Nights” by F. Dostoevsky – grandmother

“Six Black Candles” by D. Dillon – head of the clan

“Eternally alive” A. Korotko – Anna Mykhailivna Kovalyova, history teacher
“FAITH, HOPE, LOVE (YAMA)” O. Kuprin – Emma Eduardivna
“Girl with a bear, or Minor…” V. Domontovych – Tikhmeneva
“Last summer in Chulymsk” O. Vampilov – Khorosykh
“Passion is stronger, more than love” A. Chekhov – Merchutkina Nastasya Fedorivna; Stepanida Stepanovna Chubukova
“Dreams come to life” I. Vyripaev – Sally
“OBEZH” B. Nushych – Mrs. Terzych



“They Gave Away Katya” (1981, directed by P. Marusik, studio named after A. Dovzhenko) – Katsrya

“Last Argument of the Kings” (1983, directed by V. Kissin, studio Ukrtelefilm) – Mary

“A Telegram For You” (1984, directed by B. Konunov, Moldova-Film Studio) – Tatiana

“Miracles in Garbuzians” (1985, director I.Kobrin, studio Ukrtelefilm) – Teacher

“Singer Josephine and the Mouse People” (1994, directed by S. Masloboyschikov, A. Dovzhenko Studio and Innova-film, Germany) – Josephine

“Fornication”. The series “The Island of Love” (1996, directed by A. Biema, studio Ukrtelefilm) – Lerka

“From Bulgakov” (1999, directed by S. Masloboyschikov, studio “Contact” and “1 + 1”) – Nanny

“Dark Night” (2000, directed by A. Kovalov, Lenfilm studio) – Frau Monk

“Noise of the Wind” (2002, directed by S. Masloboyschikov, A. Dovzhenko studio) – Sasha – 1) Best Actress Award (Festival, Russia – Ukraine – Belarus) Berdyansk, 2002 2) Best Actress Award ( International Stojary Film Festival) Kiev, 2003 3) Khanzhonkov Gold Medal (Khanzhonkov Memorial Film Festival) Moscow, 2003 4) Criticism Award (International Film Festival “Love is Madness”) Varna, 2003

“The Legend of Kashchey” (2003, directed by V.Tkachev, Mosfilm) – Mamushka

“Involuntary Casanova” (2004, directed by A. Fialko, studio named after A. Dovzhenko) – Galya

“Dreams Come True” (2004, directed by A. Kurina, studio East-European Institute) – Galya

“The Weeping Woman” (2004, director B. Nedich, studio “Mamadu”) – Galina

“Guidebook” (2005, director O. Shapiro, Independent Studio) – Hostess

“Healing Through Love” (2005, director B. Nedich, studio “Mamadu”) – Zakharovna

“The Fourth Group” (2005, directed by O. Kopeikin, Independent Studio) – Elena

“Happy People” (2006, directed by A. Shapiro, Independent Studio) – Librarian

“Mukhtar” (2006, directed by Zlatoustovsky, Independent studio) – Albina

“Sign of Destiny” (2007, directed by A. Filipenko, studio “Star Media”) – Sofia

“Good Guys” (2007, directed by Turanskiy, studio “Star Media” – Lydia

“Adrenaline” (2007, director V. Morozov, studio Illusion) – Elena

“Guardian Angel” (2007, director B. Nedich, studio “Mamadu”) – Iran

“The Renegade” (2007, directed by R. Balayan, studio Illusion) – Grandmother

“Fulfilled Heart” (2008, directed by S. Stadnichenko, Star Media Studio) – Sasha

“Milkmaid from Khatsapetovka” (2008, director P. Slyusarenko, New studio) – Vika

“Shark” (2008, directed by A. Mateshko, studio Ukrainian Media Group) – Regina

“The Right to Hope” (2008, directed by T. Tkachenko, Star Media Studio) – Taisia

“Fulfilled Heart” (2009, directed by S.Sotnichenko, Star Media Studio) – Sasha

“Land of Oblivion” (2010, directed by M. Boganim, studio Apple) – Aunt



Since 2006 he has been hosting the television program “Life Goes On” on UT-1 Channel




1994. September. The days of Kiev in Odessa.

1994, 1995. August, September. United Kingdom. Edinburgh.

2000. May. Romania. Sibio. International festival.

2000. November. Yugoslavia. Belgrade. “Beat Tef.”

2001. July. France. Grenoble. Festival.

2002. September. Cyprus. Tour of the cities.

2003-2004. All-Ukrainian tour “Art Against Drug Addiction and AIDS” 


(Ua) МОЄ СТОЛІТТЯ − Marel, daughter of Gabriel



(Ua) МАРЛЕНІ − (Ua) Марлен Дітрих

LOVE POTION − Grandmother