Theater in the city

The project “Theater in the city” is part of the socio-educational and artistic program “Theater for All. Theater for everyone ”, which the Kiev Academic Drama Theater on Podol begins in the 2017-2018 season. With the opening of the new building.

The goal of the “Theater in the City” project is to present successful practices that have been implemented in Poland for some time and are aimed at closer interaction between the theater as a public institution and the community of the city. These practices rethink the work of the theater and expand the area of ​​responsibility.

This is a presentation of the new experience of the theater, which is not limited solely to the staging of performances and uses various techniques and practices to develop its audience, attract new audiences to the theater, and supports cultural activism. These are practices of creating a theater as a public institution, conscious of its tasks and mission, a modern and relevant theater that does not succumb to the coverage of public issues. The implementation of the project “Theater in the city” was made possible thanks to the support of the Polish Institute in Kiev.

The theater program “Theater for All. Theater for Everyone” has an inclusive direction and has two directions.

First, to make theater art accessible to those groups of the urban community for whom the theater has never before been accessible to artistic experience — for people with disabilities (the new building of the theater was designed to ensure all standards, to provide access for people who move in wheelchairs, people with impaired vision and hearing, for which certain performances will be accompanied by sign and audio description), parents with children (special performances are held for children during performances related to theatrical art), residents of small cities in which there are no theaters.

Secondly, the theater, in addition to staging performances, implements an art education program in the lobby, which is valid for visits during the day, – not only in the evening before the performances. This artistic and educational program consists of presentations, meetings, discussions with local and foreign artists, scientists, theater and other arts, as well as exhibitions. This program is designed to expand and enrich the context of theatrical art, to acquaint with the trends and trends of foreign art, theatrical and organizational practices, the historical and artistic context of the performances of the Theater on Podol.