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Ivan Zavgorodnii

Yulia Brusentseva

Actor of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater on Podil.

In 2011 he graduated the Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television named after I.K.Karpenko-Kariy, course of People’s Artist of Ukraine E.M. Mitnitsky
Works in Theater of drama and comedy on the left bank of the Dnieper since 2010.
Works in Theater on Podil since 2018.
The participant of the musical group “КукаТаБанда” is the head Mikhail Kukuyuk. Guitarist, percussionist, vocalist, windlass, keyboardist.
A participant of the music group “Dychka”, the leader is Dmytro Bugaychuk. Vocalist, percussionist
A participant of the band “Swich on the light”, leader Valentin Boyko. Flute, vocals
A participant of the musical group “Furman band”, leader Alexei Bolshoy. Accordionist, soloist
Roles in the theater:
Theater of drama and comedy on the left bank of the Dnieper:
“Dangerous Links” by S. de Laclo, the role of the Guest at the Ball, 2010
“What are your claims to my wife?” (My Little Guys! ..) for the works of F. Dostoevsky and O. Volodin, the role of Svidrigailov, choir singer 2010
“Let him not love the two at once …” according to M. Staritsky’s play “Oh, do not go, Gritsa …”, the role of Parrot 2010
“Three Sisters” by A. Chekhov Guitarist 2010
“Don Juan, or Lesson of Seduction” by A. Miller’s play “Farewell to Don Juan”, role of Servant 2011
“Carnival of the Flesh” by the play “Voitsek” G. Buhner, the role of Soldier, Mistyannin, Monkey Man (guitar, flute, vocals) – 2012
“Cinderella”, a musical fairy tale, the role of the Court Spree (oculus) 2012
“Joy is heartfelt, or cap with crucian carp” according to stories by Y. Koval, role of village musician (cello) 2014
“Darinka, Grits and Unclean Power” by V. Boyko, the role of Grits, Okhrim 2014
“Sing, Lolo, sing!” According to G. Mann’s novel “Teacher Gnus”, the play by O. Chepalov, the role of the Musician of the Cabaret (clarinet, trombone, accordion, flute, vocal mix), 2015
“No Grace Version “by O. Ostrovsky, role of Elijah, Gypsies (accordion), 2016
“20 Years Without Air,” directed by D. Veselsky, Head Doctor, 2016
Theater “Krot”
 SMS Opera Beasts, dir. A. Kritenko, playwright Les Podervyansky, role of Stalin 2016
Wild theater
“Aphrodisiac”, dir. M. Golenko, the role of the superpower master 2017
Operetta Theater
“How to spend a million who is not”, dir. T. Tikhomirov, G. Korogodsky, role of Stas Namin, Soviet singer in 2017
Works in cinema:
2009 “Gogol, the closest one”, directed by N. Bondarchuk, Semen
2015 “Dreams”, role Oleg, writer14 series
2015 “Immortal”, role 2 director
2015 “Pes”, role waiter Amnesia 15th series
2016 “Division 44”, role of forestry, poacher, 70 series
2016 “Real Mysticism”, the role of Vadim
2016 “Family Melodrama”, the role of Pasha
2016 “Kops War”, role Pashkevich, “Kiss-Kobra-2” series
2016 “The Next Doctor”, the role of the investor
2017 Pes-3, the role of a smuggler
2017 “Get to myself”, the role of Gypsies, relatives of the Council of 3 series
2017 “Flowers That Dance in the Rain”, dir. V. Butch, role of Stanislav Romantik
2017 “Crazy Family”, dir. E. Shishkin, V. Andrienko, the role of Captain of long voyage.



− Head of the stage, Prompter


FOR TWO HARES − Svirid Petrovich Golokhvastov

− The dead body of Ivan Vasilyevich

− Vagabond

− Vanka-Vstanka

A Clockwork Orange − George


− A Tatar, porter

SCISSORS − Collector

− Zorro