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Fedor Olkhovsky

Merited Artist of Ukraine

Tamara PlashenkoMerited Artist of Ukraine

Leading actor of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater in Podol. In 1985 he graduated from the Kiev National University of Theater, Film and TV named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary (artistic director of the course – People’s Artist of the USSR A. Gashinsky).

From 1985 to 1987 he worked in the Kharkov Academic Russian Drama Theater named after A. S. Pushkin.

In the theater since 1988.


“Lunin, or the Death of Jacques” by E. Radzinsky – Kiselev;

“Night of Miracles” by W. Shakespeare – Oberon;

“Vertep” by V. Shevchuk – Zaporozhets;

“We Play Strindberg” by F. Dürrenmatt – Kurt;

“Miss Julie” by A. Strindberg – Jean;

“Madrid Waters” by Lope de Vega – Don Pedro;

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” by E. Uspensky – Monday;

“Holy Kabbalah” by M. Bulgakov – De Arsiny;

“Idiot” by F. Dostoevsky – Rogozhin;

“… And I will come for your souls …” according to V. Vysotsky – Monk;

“Mowgli” by R. Kipling – Baloo;

“Erma” by G. Lorca – Juan;

“Opera Mafioso” by V. Stanilov – Giuseppe;

“Fantasy for a Grand Piano in Four Hands” by A. Olmert – Neighbor;

“Now There Are Two of Us” by G. Lorca – Don Drozdilio;

“Quarter of the Celestials” by A. Korotko – Captain;

“Noble Elections” by Kvitka-Osnovyanenko – Dracugin;

“Games of the Oligarchs”- Izzhogin;

“In the Steppes of Ukraine” by A. Korneychuk – Alexei;

“Six Characters in Search of the Author” by L. Pirandello – Premier;

“Pharaohs” by A. Kolomiets – Nikolay Taran;

“The Apprehension of Mina Mazaylo” by P. Kulish – Taras;

“Half-witted Jourdain” by M. Bulgakov – Mrs. Jourdain;

“Players” by N. Gogol – Shvokhnev;

“Intermission” by A. Mordan – Peter;

“Letter to God” by A. Krim – Tikhonenko;

“Dead Souls” by N. Gogol – Manilov;

“Trap for a Lonely Man” by R. Tom – Daniel;

“What I Saw in a Dream” by L. Tolstoy – Pyotr Ivanovich;

“Eyes of the Day” by E. Gremina – Maslov Vadim;

“Forever Alive” by V. Rozov – Chernov;

“Audit – Shmaudit” by A. Krim – Kuzmich.

Roles in the Kharkov State Academic Drama Theater of Russia named after Pushkin. (1985 – 1987).

“Cherry Orchard” by A. Chekhov – Peter Trofimov;

“And in the Morning They Woke Up” by V. Shukshin – Nikolai Sibiryak;

“The 12th Night” by William Shakespeare – Valentine;

“My Fair Lady” by B. Shaw – A Man from Selsey;

“This Is How We Win” by M. Shatrova – party member;

“Boris Godunov” by A. Pushkin – Khrushchev;

“We are Conducting an Experiment” by U. Chernykh – Alexander;

“Afghan Reporting” by V. Zorin – Boytsov;

“Jokers” by A. Ostrovsky – Perenoskov;

“Ali – Baba and the Forty Thieves” by V. Smekhov – Ismail;

“Decameron” by D. Boccaccio – Allesandro;

“Physics” by F. Durenmatt – Richard Fos;

“Airport” by A. Hayley – Vernon;

“The Last Summer in Odessa” by Y.Dinov – O. Raevsky;

“I am a Woman” by V. Merezhko is Sergey.


“Bourgeois’s Birthday” – Doctor;

“Blue Moon” – Francis;

“Ashes of the Phoenix” – Loginov;

“St. Patrick’s Day” – Victor;

“The Long Song in Life” (Cliffs) – Boris;

“Return of Mukhtar” – Kiryayev;

“Makhno” – Kamenev;

“Blood circle” – Denikin;

“The Main Thing is to be on Time” – Lekha;

“Opera Hook” – Igor;

“Adrenaline” – Tsushko;

“The former” – Somov;

“Native people” – Horkov;

“Hand for Happiness” – Kyrill;

“The Tale of Men and Women” – Sergei;

“Milkmaid from Khatsapetovka – 2” – Administrator;

“Mountaineer” is the chief designer;

“Ninochka” – Yazichnikov;

“Substantial Grounds for the Murder” – Samuyevich;

“According to Law” – Sysoev;

“Faith, Hope, Love” – director;

“Balance” – Psychic;

“Another’s Mistakes” – Fedorovsky;

“Sonya’s Dream” – Inspector;

“The Route of Mercy” – Gennady Petrovich;

“Matchmakers” – Boris;

“Ponchik Lyusya” – Doctor;

“Efrosinya” – Burchin;

“St. Patrick ‘s Day”;

“Return of Mukhtar – 6”;

“Return of Mukhtar – 7”;

“Beach” – Storogalov;

“A Case for Two” – Kotov;

“Janissaries” – the Boss;

“Brother for brother” – Kochan;

“The Dog” – Lavrov;

“Dangerous City” – Markov;

“Division – 44” – Zakharov;

“Conductor” – Kazantsev;

“Cop Wars” – General Fedun;

“Team” – Criminal authority “Pastor”.


1990. June. Greece. Festival “Olimpicos”.

1990. September. Finland. The days of Kiev in Tampere. Festival of Arts “1991. November, Germany, Freiburg.

1992. June. USA. Miami. VII International Festival of Spanish Literature “Avante”.

1993. June. Turkey. Billkent. Ankara. International meeting of theaters.

2000. June. Italy. Rome. Theater “VASHELLO”. Tour.

2002. September. Cyprus. Tour of the cities.

2002. November. Germany. Munich. Festival of Jewish Art.

2000, 2003, 2004. October. Lviv. Festival “The Golden Lion”.

2006. VII International Black Sea Theater Festival in Trabzon (Turkey).


− Nikolaj Nikolaevich Chernov, maneger philharmonic society

− Daniel

DEAD SOULS − Manilov, squire

− Tihonenko

− Madam Jurden

LAST LANDING, or one day from the life of the internal organ − Mister NN


− Kuzmich

WHAT I SAW IN MY DREAM... − Petro Ivanovich


Grey Bees − Head of family


LOVE POTION − Politic manager