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The donkey must be thin

Author: Sergey Dovlatov
Director: Valeria Fedotova
Choreography: Anastasia Andriyenko
Genre: Sentimental Detective
Date of premiere: June 2, 2016
Speech: Russian
Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes, without intermission

The characters in the show are somewhat different and different at the same time: the agent John Smith is a desperate warrior with romantic inclinations, the Tambov Wolf is a symbol of the hideous tent, and the girl Nadia is a creature in an ephemeral soul seeking love. Each of the heroes is aimlessly pacing the world in search of warm comfort and support of a close friend. It is Smith, the main sentimentalist, sure that happiness does not have to hide. We must safely walk along the narrow strip of land between the oceans of life and death. Spy American intelligence is nothing human is alien. He realizes that you will not give up your heart, so you fall in love with Nadia. So whether it is possible to attribute this story to an agent’s failure – the viewer must decide.