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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 200-350 hrn

“… my heart, generally quite calm, began to beat”

In the department … It’s better not to say in which department, served one official, who was unremarkable, low, slightly speckled, with wrinkles on both cheeks. His surname was Bashmachkin. Name – Akaky Akakievich. It was hard to find a person who was so devoted to his position. He served not only carefully, – he served with love. The titular adviser was scoffed by everyone who presses on those who are not able to bite.

However, in his rewriting he imagined his diverse and pleasant world.

And a peaceful life of a person would have gone to a very old age, if there had not been various disasters scattered on the road of life – a bright guest appeared in the life of our hero in the form of an Overcoat, which greatly changed his miserable life.

Performance language - Ukrainian

1 hour 30 minutes

Genre - Haunted tale

First night - 21 December 2019

Author - N. Gogol

Director - Valeriya Fedotova

Set & Costume Designer - Kristina Radionova

Music - Valeriya Fedotova

- Timur Polyanskyi

Choreographer - Angelika Borisova

Lighting Designer - Sergey Nevgadovsky

- Victor Leonidov

Sound Engineer - Pavel Morozko

Stage manager - Sofia Lyudvichenko

- Tatiana Antonova

Akaky Akakievich
The Overcoat and others
Significant person