Playbill of events

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Scene Igor Slavinskiy`s stage
Performance start 19:00

The sweetest happiness quickly turns into an utter nightmare. The young wife of the main character suddenly disappears. When she reappears, Daniel Korban, our hero, declares her an impostor. One way or another, the newly-made husband has no doubt: if he does not get rid of this woman, the irreparable will happen. What is it – Daniel’s frustrated imagination or is he really in danger? The police commissioner is confident that he will be able to get to the bottom of the truth. Well, let’s see … 

Attention! Gunshots ring out in the play. 

Performance language - Russian

1 hour 40 min. without intermission

Genre - An ironic detective story

First night - 22 June 2013

Author - R. Thomas

Production director - Igor Slavinsky (1953 - 2018)

Director - Sergey Boiko

Set Designer - Maria Pogrebnyak

Costume Designer - Nina Rudenko

Music - Vladimir Borisov

Choreographer - Angelica Borisova

Stage Manager - Sofia Lyudvichenko