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Performance start 19:00
Ticket price 150-350 hrn
“Kiev Pectoral” Award – 2011 “For the best scenography” (Maria Pogrebnyak) 
The performance “The Lower Depths” with the musical theme of “Stairway to Heaven” by the band Led Zeppelin after the play of one of the best Russian playwrights of the early 20th century, the author of works with a revolutionary trend Maxim Gorky. This work, written more than 100 years ago, is amazingly relevant today.
“Each of us can decide for ourselves how to act: sit in the dark in our usual quiet cellar or try to rise to the unknown stars. The future depends on your own choice”.

Performance language - Russian

Additional Information - Winner of the "Kyiv Pectoral" theatrical award

3 hours with intermission

Genre - Drama

First night - 25 March 2011

Author - Maxim Gorky

Director - Vitaly Malakhov (1954 - 2021)

Assistant Director - Volodymyr Kudlinsky

Set Designer - Maria Pogrebnyak

Costume Designer - Nina Rudenko

Music - Vladimir Borisov

Video - Sergey Shevchenko

Stage Managers - Tatiana Antonova, Sofia Lyudvichenko

Mikhail Ivanovich
Vasilisa Karpovna, wife of Kostiliov
Vaska Pepel
Natalya, sister of Vasilisa
Medvedev, uncle; policeman
Kleshch Andrey Mitritch, locksmith
Anna Mihailovna Kovaliova, theacher of History
Kvashnya, a hawker of meat pies
Bubnov, kartuznik
The Baron
The Actor
Luka, a pilgrim
A Tatar, porter
Alyoshka, bungler
Krivoi Zob