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Scene Igor Slavinskiy`s stage
Performance start 19:00
Ticket price 150 hrn

The comedy “The Forest” – a real “theater in the theater.” The story of two struggling actors who found their way into the estate of the wealthy landowner Gurmzhskoi, aunt to one of them. Here reigns the many-sided “theater of life”: heroes weave intrigue, steal, cheat, deceive and are deceived, and disrupt the happiness of lovers… But the noble comedians – Neschastlivtsev and Schastlivtsev – lead the villains and hypocrites to pure water, helping reunite loving hearts.

The play asks the following question: are the “villains” really only calculating and cruel? Or are they just people lost in the forest of their illusions and fears? You can get out of this forest – you just have to honestly answer to yourself the important questions of life, to rediscover the lost path, no matter how thorny it was.

Performance language - Russian

2 hours 50 minutes with intermission

Genre - Comedy

First night - 4 November 2014

Author - A. Ostrovsky

Director - Alexander Katunin

Set Designer - Maria Pogrebnyak

Costume Designer - Nina Rudenko

Music - Vladimir Borisov

Choreographer - Angelika Borisova

Stage manager - Sofia Lyudvichenko

Gurmyzskaya Raisa Pavlovna
Vosmibratov Ivan
Vosmibratov Peter
Bulanov Aleksey