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Scene Igor Slavinskiy`s stage
Performance start 18:00

Author: Vasyl Shukshin
Director: Sergey Sipliviy, Sofia Pisman
Genre: Lyrical Comedy
Date of premiere: 10/09/2015
Speech: Russian
Duration: 2 hours, without intermission

Middle of the last century. Life in the village. Time runs slowly. People of that era are well known to each of us and, at the same time, they are not alike at all. Heroes of Shukshin are simple, kind, open and sincere quirks. For them, important feelings and experiences. They are well aware that such a responsibility and trial, truth and honor. They, like Vasily Makarovich Shukshin himself, feast in the fact that “everything was not for nothing: our songs, our fairy tales, our incredible victories, our suffering.” They are ready to defend these values ​​by the end …