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Performance start 19:00

The story of the wealthy Mr. Jourdain, who is trying his best to get into the nobility’s higher light: he hires singing and dancing teachers, learns good manners, but most importantly to give his daughter in marriage to an overseas prince, and to find a young noblewoman lover.
In this play, the torments and joys of theatrical art are hidden under the comic mask. The heroes are rich in fiction, kindness, humor and of course, love! Magnificent costumes, music, dances, comic collisions and intrigues make the performance enthralling and interesting. 

Performance language - russian

2 hours 15 minutes

Genre - Comedy with music and dancing

First night - January 4, 2005

Author - Mikhail Bulgakov

Director & Set Designer - Vitaly Malakhov (1954 - 2021)

Costume Designer - Nina Rudenko

Music - Vladimir Borisov

Director-Choreographer - People's Artist of Ukraine Victor Litvinov

Choreographer - Angelika Borisova

Stage manager - Tatiana Antonova

Mrs. Jourdain
Music teacher
Teacher of dance
Fencing teacher
Teacher of Philosophy, Pankras
Marquis Dorimena
Marquis Dart