"Much ado about nothing" according to V. Shakespeare (educational theater studio) - 1976.

Theater of the Russian drama (Riga)

"Lefthander" according to B. Raytser and V. Konstantinov - 1977.

"Friends, we will sing about Bérenger" according to B. Okudzhava - 1977.

National academic theater of the Russian drama of Lesya Ukrainka

"The fairy tale about Monica" C.  Shaltanisa - 1978. 

"To hope" according to Yu. Shcherbak - 1978.

"Warm ashes" A. Kryma - 1984.

"The mother spirit" according to B. Brecht - 1985.

"All Shakespeare for one evening" - 1985.

"Quantity" K. Churchill - 2006.

"The will of the chaste ladies' man" A. Kryma - 2006.

National academic theater to the opera and the ballet of T. Shevchenko

"Alecko" of S. Rachmaninov - 2010.

National academic drama theater of I. Franko

"Othello" of V. Shakespeare - 2002.

"Greek Zorba" of N. Kazandzakis - 2010.

"Greek Zorba" of N. Kazandzakis - 2012.

"About mice and people" D. Steinbeck - 2004.

Atelye-16 theater

 M. Erdman's "suicide" - 2006.

The Sevastopol academic Russian drama theater of A.V. of lunacharsky

N. Erdman's "suicide" - 2011.