The modern world is at permanent war, tens local armed conflicts of the last decades threaten to blow up today more large-scale collisions. After all the prostrate fascism in 1945 didn't fall into oblivion. Recurrence of national and religious intolerance, xenophobia, neo-nazism are even more often observed on all planet – in the Central and the Southern Asia, in the Arab East, in Russia and Europe. In this situation artists have no right to be passive and indifferent. They have to look for a common ground, zones of active dialogue, to remind of the supreme moral and cultural wealth which unite people of different views, belief, traditions, belief, customs.

The Kiev — the World Territory festival demonstration, according to his initiators, is effective attempt of such dialogue, removal of contradictions and mistrust overcomings by means of open art discussion. Representing at a festival, on one scene, the performances created by artists of the countries and ethnic territories which are in a condition of the conflict, are political antagonists. Organizers seek to show visually likeness and identity of their treasured dreams and ideals, them, such clear to the ordinary person, hatred to violence and pain, their aspiration of a cosiness, safety and love, their hope for a good and justice victory.

     Important its section - public "Dialogues about war and peace", the peculiar debates sparrings devoted to the main calls of modern history - escalation of intolerance, Islam and Christianity conflict, dispute between a globalism and national identity, to neobarbarity and neo-nazism distribution, etc. to which philosophers and writers from Ukraine and other countries are invited.  

    Kiev - a symbolical place for holding such international action. The old spiritual center, cradle of Slavic culture, it in days of "orange revolution" actually репрезентовал model of the civilized solution of the sharpest public conflict, gave to the world an example of achievement by community of the fair purpose peacefully, celebrations of the honest principles without the use of force. The spirit, love, solidarity won against rage and aggression. We hope that on this artists of the countries which the last years heated up many mutual claims and anger, - Georgia and Abkhazia, Chechnya and Russia, the USA and Iraq will be able to hear and understand "world territories" better than each other even.