The modern world is in a permanent state of war, dozens of local armed conflicts of recent decades today threaten to explode with more large-scale clashes. After all, fascism, defeated in 1945, did not go into oblivion. Relapses of national and religious intolerance, xenophobia, and neo-Nazism are increasingly observed all over the planet - in Central and South Asia, the Arab East, Russia and Europe. In this situation, artists do not have the right to be passive and indifferent. They should seek common ground, zones of active dialogue, and serve as a reminder of the highest moral and spiritual values ​​that unite people of different views, beliefs, traditions, faiths, and customs.
The manifestation of the festival "Kiev - Territory of the World," in the opinion of its initiators, is an effective attempt at such a dialogue, the removal of contradictions and the overcoming of mistrust through an open art discussion. Presenting at the festival, on a single stage, are performances created by artists of countries and ethnic territories that are in a state of conflict, are political antagonists. The organizers are eager to demonstrate the kinship and identity of their cherished dreams and ideals, their hatred of violence and pain, their desire for coziness, security and love, and their hope for the victory of good and justice.
An important part of it is the public "Dialogues about war and peace," characteristic disputes and sparring, dedicated to the main challenges of modern history - the escalation of intolerance, the conflict between Islam and Christianity, the dispute between globalism and national identity, the spread of neo-barbarism and neo-Nazism, etc., to which philosophers and writers from Ukraine and other countries are invited.
Kiev is a symbolic place for such international action. The old spiritual center, the cradle of Slavic culture, in fact, during the days of the Orange Revolution, it actually represented a model of a civilized solution to the most acute social conflict, and gave the world an example of how the community achieved a just and peaceful goal, the triumph of honest principles without the use of force. Spirit, love, and solidarity defeated anger and aggression. We hope that even artists from countries that have been piling up resentment and anger - Georgia and Abkhazia, Chechnya and Russia, the United States and Iraq - will be able to hear and understand each other better in this "territory of the world."