Creativity and Mikhail Bulgakov's identity don't cease to draw attention of readers around the world. Bulgakov - one of those light, mysterious and mysterious signs in world history of art which along with Hoffman, Goethe, Gogol, Gabriel García Márquez, Borges's names causes inconsistent judgments, frightens of a nerazgadannost and attracts with uncertain presentiments. Huge interest to the writer and his creativity pushed to idea of creation of Creative fund of M. Bulgakov and the organization of the International Bulgakov festival of arts which was founded in 2002 in the city where the writer was born and grew up.

      The international Bulgakov festival of arts — an event which attracts to Kiev not only specialists literary critics of the near and far abroad, not only theater-goers of the whole world where tens premieres according to the plays written by our fellow countryman, but also huge audience of readers and the audience worshipping to creativity of Bulgakov are annually played. The program of festivals provides display of the most known theatrical performances on M. Bulgakov's works, film programs, carrying out art and photo exhibitions, musicales, scientific and practical conferences. The president of a festival - the national actor of Ukraine Anatoly Hostikoyev, the art director — the director and the art director of the Kiev academic drama theater on Podol, the national actor of Ukraine Vitaly Malakhov.

   During a festival of 2002 fans of theater for the first time had a unique opportunity to see on the Ukrainian scene a world premiere of performance of the American theater from Los Angeles ZUDISTRIKT "Heart of a Dog" (ZooDistrict, Dog Heart)

In September-December, 2003 tour round of a festival with performance "Put the Word "Eternity"" display based on M. Bulgakov's works in Kiev, Vinnytsia, the Slavutich, Vyshgoroda, Chernigov and White Church within the stock "Art against Drug Addiction and AIDS" took place. In March, 2003 the management of the Bulgakov festival financed recovery work of a grave of mother of Mikhail Afanasiyevich

     In July, 2004 within the III festival of arts of M. Bulgakov for the first time passed readings chapters of the novel "Master and Margarita" in Gostiny dvor on Podol. Substantially the success and creation of the unique atmosphere of theatrical readings, according to many guests and experts, were promoted by an unusual construction of the auditorium and registration of scenic space in an internal garden of the ancient room of Gostiny dvor.

    In 2005 the festival was devoted to the works "White Guard" and "Days of Turbin". The Gostiny dvor scene onPodol became the center of a festival, the part of actions passed in halls of the Kiev drama theater on Podol, National academic drama theater of a name I. Free, Suz_r'ya theater.

    In 2006 400 years since issue of the first part of "Don Quixote" were executed. In honor of it performance according to M. Bulgakov's play "Don Quixote" was created and presented to public at the International Bulgakov festival of arts.

    In 2007 the festival took place on October 16, 17, 19, 29 and 31 and was dated to a ceremonial opening of a monument to the Master on Andreevsky descent near an entrance to the memorial museum "Turbin' House". The words said by Margarita Masteru in a scene of farewell to Voland became the name of a festival of 2007: "The FOUND ETERNAL HOUSE".

29, on September 30, on October 1, 2008 in Kiev the VII International festival of arts of M. Bulgakov took place. Annually the festival declares a uniform subject for readings and all festival. In 2008 difficult layer of relationship "The author and Theatre" became such subject. The works "Molyeriana", "Servitude of Hypocrites", "Crimson Island", "Theatrical Novel", etc. were considered. Actors took part in Bulgakov readings from Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Poland. A number of film presentations and other projects accompanying a festival took place.