Aauthor: Richard Nash

Premiere: 25 may 2018

Director - People's Artist of Ukraine, Shevchenko National prize laureate Vitaly Malakhov
Art - Directors and Costume Designers - People's Artist of Ukraine,Shevchenko National prize laureate Vitaly Malakhov ,
Mark Chegodaev
Composer - Ivan Davdenko
Lyrical by - Julie Treskin
Choreographer - People's Artist of Ukraine Viktor Litvinov
Stage Manager - Lyubov Skirko
Water brings the gift of life. On the Curry`s family ranch drought has reigned for several months.
101 degrees not just outside, but also in the relationships between the characters.
A father cannot wait to marry off his daughter, who has settled in among the girls, to the Sheriff's deputy (a wonderful man, in the opinion of the Curry family) who does not want to marry her at all; the younger one wants to try an adult life, while the older dreams of casting off the burden of responsibility. But the already grown up Lizzie still believes that happiness will come to her.
And on one of the hottest nights, the Rainmaker comes through their door ...
The story of the climatic catastrophe, narrated by Richard Nash, sounds like an unconventional story of the search for happiness, made all the more expressive by the musical genre. A powerful and unexpected dramatic plot, original music and songs, and bright ballet numbers make the performance a perfect combination of musical and dramatic beginnings.

Scene: 20A, Andriyivski uzviz
Time: 19:00
Ticket price: 50-500 hrn.


Play a roles:

H.C. Curry 

Alexander Danilchenko

Noah Curry 

Maxim Gruber


Yuriy Phelipenko

Jim Curry 

Valentin Boiko


Ivan Zavgorodnii


Sergey Karpuk

Lizzie Curry 

Maria Rudkovskaya


Margaryta Bahtina


Katerina Rubashkina

Bill Starbuck  

Igor Volkov


Miroslav Pavlichenko


Vitaliy Ivanchenko


Katerina Vayvala


Kateryna Shenfeld


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