LAST LANDING, or one day from the life of the inner organ


Comedy of the absurd

Aauthor: Andrey Kurkov

Premiere: 5 may 2017


Produced by Honored artist of Ukraine Igor Slavinsky

Art director Maria Pogrebnyak

Costumes by Nina Rudenko

Sound by Vladymyr Borysov

Vocal coach Marina Kerusenko 

Stage manager –  Sofia Lyudvichenko


You never know which plane land on for the last time for you.

A story by famous writer from Kyiv o - Andrey Kurkov on the stage turned into a black comedy. But this is not a cynical mockery of death, this life story, absurd, unreal, but "in concept" and the law. The logic and rules inexorable way, though sometimes they are not reason. The play is full of humor, songs and good jokes. Abyss absurdity established norms opens only in the final. 

Scene: 20B, Andriyivski uzviz
Time: 19:00
Ticket price: 150 hrn.

Play a roles:


Sergey Boiko

Honored Artist of Ukraine
Mister NN 

Fedor Olkhovsky

Merited Artist of Ukraine

Valentin Boiko


Maksym Maksimuk