Aauthor: Maxim Gorky

Premiere: 25 march 2011

Produced by People's Artist of Ukraine Vitali Malahov

Director Assistant - Vladimir Kudlinsky

Directed by Maria Pogrebnyak

Costumes by Nina Rudenko

Sound by Vladymyr Borysov

Stage manager – Tatyana Antonova, Sofia Lyudvichenko

Songwriter - Alexander Klauning

A real sensation in the theatrical life of Ukraine! After the years of Gorkiy’s heroes missing on the stages of Ukrainian theatres they talked to us again. The question of how to live and what to believe in still remains to be the most actual. Someone is looking for the answer by means of religion, another applies to the literature, and someone tries to observe and open up himself. The heroes of the performance “On the bottom”, represented by the Theatre on Podol star cast, having irresistible living conditions, grant the audience with great belief and hope of reaching a way out despite of all. It is a great benefit of the theatre and this performance in particular, symbolized by “the stairs to the sky”. This performance’s leading motive is Led Zeppelin’s melody «Stairway to Heaven» which follows the performance as the actors’ great final accord.

Performanse is in Russian.

Running time: 2 hour 20 min. without intermission.

Scene: 20A, Andriyivski uzviz
Time: 19:00
Ticket price: 50-350 hrn.


Play a roles:

Kostiliov, Michael Ivanovtch owner of doss-house 

Alexander Danilchenko

Vasilisa Karpovna, wife of Kostiliov 

Oksana Anishchenkova


Dasha Malakhova


Artem Myaus

Natalya, sister of Vasilisa 

Natalia Rokitskaya


Elena Svirskaya


Kateryna Shenfeld

Medvedev, their uncle, policema 

Alexander Klauning

Kleshch Andrey Mitritch, locksmith 

Sergey Grinin

Anna, his wife 

Irina Grishchenko


Katerina Rubashkina

Kvashnya, a hawker of meat pies 

Maria Rudkovskaya


Larisa Troyanovskya

Merited Artist of Ukraine
Bubnov, kartuznik 

Miroslav Pavlichenko

The Baron 

Igor Volkov


Sergey Boiko

Merited Artist of Ukraine
The Actor 

Maxim Gruber


Roman Khalaimov

Luka, a pilgrim 

Vladimir Kuznetsov

Merited Artist of Ukraine
A Tatar, porter 

Maxim Gruber


Maksym Maksimuk

Alyoshka, bungler 

Dmytro Hrytsai


Valentin Boiko


Клещ - С.Гринин

Клещ - С.Гринин

Сатин - С.Бойко

Сатин - С.Бойко

Сцена из спектакля

Сцена из спектакля

Барон - И.Волков

Барон - И.Волков

Сатин - С.Бойко, Татарин - М.Максимюк

Сатин - С.Бойко, Татарин - М.Максимюк

Медведев - А.Клаунинг, Квашня - М.Рудковская

Медведев - А.Клаунинг, Квашня - М.Рудковская

Лука - В.Кузнецов, Алёшка, сапожник - А.Новиченков

Лука - В.Кузнецов, Алёшка, сапожник - А.Новиченков