Eyes of the day


Aauthor: Elena Gremina

Premiere: 4 december 2012

Production director: Irina Grishchenko

Production designer: Maria Pogrebniak

Costumier: Nina Rudenko

Music background: Vladimir Borisov

Ballet-master: Angelica Borisova

Stage manager – Tatyana Antonova, Sofia Lyudvichenko 

Leading producer: Vitaliy Malakhov, honoured artist of Ukraine, winner of Taras Shevchenko award
The performance

"Eyes of the Day" is staged after Moscow dramatist Elena Gremina's play of the same name. The audience will be the onlookers of a lonely woman's tragic destiny where the romanticism of her professional activities is naturally combined with the despair of her private life. A strong woman in the world of weak men - this is the eternal theme of all the times and centuries. It is a story of love, treason, regret, rivalry and revenge. There are two central characters: a legend dancer, courtesan and the II World war most famous spy, Mata Hari, and her friend, rival and treatoress Hanna Vittigue.

The play is performed in Russian.

Running time: 2 hour  with intermission.

Scene: 20B, Andriyivski uzviz
Time: 19:00
Ticket price: 100 hrn.

Play a roles:

Mata Hari 

Irina Grishchenko

Klod Frans 

Oksana Anishchenkova

Taper, Vadim 

Michael Krishtal

Honoured Artist of Ukraine

Fedor Olkhovsky

Merited Artist of Ukraine

Sergey Grinin


Maksym Maksimuk