Stronger than passion, more than love



Aauthor: A. Chekhov

Premiere: 4 march 2017



Produced by People's Artist of Ukraine Vitali Malahov

Art director Maria Pogrebnyak

Sound by Vladymyr Borysov

Costumes by Nina Rudenko

   Choreographer - Angelica Borisova

Stage manager – Tatyana Antonova


There is eternal story about human passions with the subtle humor of Chekhov and bright scenes in the spirit of American westerns.


They are irascible, intemperate, engaged, curious, angry characters, taken prisoner of his own ambitions and desires. Everyone wants to win, but that someone has to give. And no one ever could.

Scene: 20B, Andriyivski uzviz
Time: 19:00
Ticket price: 150 hrn.


Play a roles:

Andrey Shypuchyn, Ivan Lomov 

Roman Khalaimov

Tatyana Alexeyevna, his wife, Natalya Stepanovna 

Katerina Rubashkina


Anna Tambova

Hirin Kuzma; Stepan Chubukov 

Artem Myaus

Merchutkina Nastasia; Stepanida Chubukova 

Alla Sergiyko

Merited Artist of Ukraine

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