Maria Pogrebnyak

Art director

 The young professional artist, is sincere in creativity, works with many cultural landscapes and skillfully transfers mood of any scenic statements. After the termination in 2003 of the Dnepropetrovsk theatrical and art college I entered the Kiev national university of theater, cinema and TV of I. K. Karpenko-Kary who finished with honors. In parallel I worked in the Kiev puppet theater. Person of versatile specialization: teacher, artist-performer of painting, graphic designer of game dolls, director of puppet theater. Since 2007 - the art director of Theatre on the Hem. In its asset a number of stsenografiya for premier performances of theater: "Noble elections", "Saint-Jermain's Mirror", "Hundred thousand", "Interval", "Den", "Dead souls", etc. In 2009 Maria Pogrebnyak became the winner "Kiev пекторали" for the best scenography (the performance "Legend of Faust" at National academic drama theater of I. Franko

Nina Rudenko

Costume designer

She was born,  grew and  studied in Moscow. Specialty: fashion designer of men's and women's clothing. She moved to Kiev in 1982 and worked in the Kiev city puppet theater and the Kiev art theater. She took part in creation of doll, children's, drama and street performances. To cooperate with Theatre on a beginning Hem in 2004. Exactly thanks to talented hands of the master fashion designer unique color of all theatrical repertoire is transferred in a scenic play of light and shadow. Works of the artist Nina Rudenko differ very exact representation of "spirit of the age", i.e. a thin thread of the trifles turning the viewer into the interactive participant stories. These are colourful, bright and unique suits in statements "Den", "Mad Zhurden", "Noble elections", "Hundred thousand", "Mina Mazaylo's Presentiment", etc.

Tatyana Antonova

Vladimir Borisov

Angela Borisova

Vladimir Kudlinsky


Tatiana Shkuratova

Vladimir Koval

Tatyana Kharchenko


Olga Kruglikova

Larisa Kononenko

Sergei Shevchenko

Andrey Kachanov

Elena Muzyra