Larisa Troyanovskya

Merited Artist of Ukraine

Larisa Troyanovskya

Leading actress of Kiev Academic Drama Theater on Podol. She graduated Kiev Institute of Theatrical Art named after Karpenko-Kariy. Course directors Ada Rogovtseva and L. Oliynyk. She has worked at the Theater on Podol since 1988.

Professional awards:

Awardee of the theatrical festival “Noah’s Ark” (Sevastopol).
Awardee of the festival “Kafa-2004”(Simferopol).
Awardee of the theatrical festival “Season Openings” in Ivano-Frankovsk.
Awardee of the theatrical festival “Ternopol nights”.
Acknowledgement of the City Mayor for the substantial contribution into the promotion of Ukrainian language and proactive public activity.

Acted in the following performances of the Theater on Podol:

“Opera Mafioso” by V. Stanilov (Juliana)
“Loony Jourdane” by М. Bulgakov (Teacher of Vocal)
“Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” by О. Tabakov and Е. Uspensky (Chamomile)
“Frightful Tale” by N. Gogol (Witch, Fortune-teller)
“…But I will come to take your souls…” by V. Vysotsky (Prologue)
“Quarter of Celestials” by А. Korotko (Steward)
“How to get married” by Т. Ivashchenko (Galya)
“I killed” by Т. Ivashchenko (Wife)
“Treasures of Bahram” by R. Kachalov, Е. Uspensky (Birch)
“Frecken Julia” by А. Strindberg (Maiden Kristina)
“Madrid Waters” by Lope de Vega (Maiden)
Theater “Suzirya”
“I am tight in my name” by Т. Ivashchenko (director V. Borisyuk) – Isadora Duncan.
“Intermezzo” by К. Paustovsky.
“Ancient fogs of love” after М. Tsvetaeva.

Participant of theatrical projects and festivals:

1989. August. Poland. Krakow. Elenya Gura. Arts Festival.
1990. June. Greece. Festival “Olimpicos”.
2000. Italy. Rome. Theater “Vascello”. Tour.
2000. 2003. 2004. Lvov. International theatrical festival “Golden Lion”.
2003. 2004. All-Ukrainian tour “Art against Drug Addiction and AIDS”.

Plays, roles:
Forever alive Njura, bread slicer  
I ORDER LOVE Vira Nikolaevna  
LEVUSHKA Grandmother Dasha  
Mother Women's voice on the radio  
THE LOWER DEPTHS Kvashnya, a hawker of meat pies  
What is the way children come from? Polyna  
Letter to God Zinajda  
PHARAOHS Anna, wife of Aristarch  

Прима (Шесть персонажей в поисках автора)

Прима ("Шесть персонажей в поисках автора")

Анна, жена Аристарха (Фараоны)

Анна, жена Аристарха ("Фараоны")

Лирическая героиня (Любви старинные туманы)

Лирическая героиня ("Любви старинные туманы")

Лариса Трояновская

Лариса Трояновская

Полина (Откуда берутся дети?)

Полина ("Откуда берутся дети?")

Тетя Мотя (Предчувствие Мины Мазайло)

Тетя Мотя ("Предчувствие Мины Мазайло")

Надежда Макаровна (Дворянские выборы)

Надежда Макаровна ("Дворянские выборы")

Ольга Хоружинська (Таїна буття)

Ольга Хоружинська ("Таїна буття")