Alla Sergiyko

Merited Artist of Ukraine

Alla Sergiyko

Leading actress of Kiev Academic Drama Theater on Podol. She graduated Kiev Institute of Theater Arts named after Karpenko-Kariy. Heads of the course were N. Molostova, and N. Rushkovsky. She has worked at the Theater on Podol since 1987.

Professional awards:

Diploma of TAS for the best theatrical debut.
Award of the International Movie festival “Brigantine” for the best female role.
Award of the International Movie festival “Stozhary” for the best female role.
Gold medal of Khanzhankovsky Memorial Festival (Moscow).
Special award of the International Movie Festival in Varna. International festival
“Love is insanity”.

Acted in the performances of the Theater on Podol:

“Night of Miracles” by W. Shakespeare (Elena)
“This how the inspiration tells me” after A. Block (Lyubov’ Mendeleeva)
“Dawn and Death of Pablo Neruda” by I. Drach (Juana)
“Miracles without Miracles” by G. Uspensky (Nesmiyana)
“Cantiniere” after C. Goldoni (Deanira).
“Love of Don Perlimpline” (There are two of us now) (Belissa)
“Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” by О. Tabakov and Ye. Uspensky (Chamomile)
“Idiot” by F. Dostoyevsky (Aglaya).
“…But I Will Come to Take Your Souls…” after V. Vysotsky (She)
“Márquese de Sad” by Yu. Misima (Márquese Renee de Sad)
“Master and Margarita” by М. Bulgakov (Margarita)
“Hamlet” by W. Shakespeare (Gertrude)
“Quarter of Celestials” by А. Korotko (Lyubov’)

Acting in movies:

“Bestowing Katrya in marriage”(director P. Marusik) – Katrya (Studio named after А. Dovzhenko) 1981.
“Last argument of kings” (director Kisin) – Tatiana (Moldova-film Studio) 1984.
“Miracles in Garbuzyany”(director I. Kobrin) – Teacher (Ukrtelefilm Studio) 1985.
“Singer Josephina and Mice Population” (director S. Masloboyshchikov) – Josephina (Studio named after А.Dovzhenko and Innova-film Studio, Germany) 1994.
“Fornication”. Series “Island of Love” (director А. Biyma) – Lerka (Ukrtelefilm Studio) 1996.
“From Bulgakov” (director S.Masloboyshchikov) – Nanny (Studio “Contact” and “1+1”) 1999.
“Dark night”(director А. Kovalov)– Frau Monk (Lenfilm Studio) 2000.
“Wind noise” (director S. Masloboyshchikov) – Sasha (Studio named after А. Dovzhenko) 2002.
“Far Far Away Kingdom” (director V. Tkachev) – Mammy (Mosfilm) 2003.
“Willy-nilly Kazanova” (director А.Fialko) – Galya (Studio named after А. Dovzhenko) 2004.
“Dreams Come True” (director А. Kurina) — Galya (Studio of Eastern-European Institute) 2005.
“Howler” (director B. Nedich) — Galina (Mamadu Studio) 2004.
“Guide” (director О. Shapiro) – Hostess (Independent Studio) 2005.
“Healing through Love” (director B. Nedich) — Zakharovna (Mamadu Studio) 2005.
“Fourth Group” (director О. Kopeykin) — Elena (independent Studio) 2005.
“Happy People” (director А. Shapiro) – Librarian (independent Studio) 2006.
“Mukhtar” (director Zlatoustovsky) — Albina (Independent Studio) 2006.
“Fate Sign” (director А. Philippenko) — (Studio “Star Media”) 2006.
“Good Guys” (director Turansky) — (Studio “Star Media”)

Alla Sergiyko is the hostess of the program “Life Goes On”.

Participant of theatrical projects and festivals:

1994. September. Kiev Days in Odessa.
2000. May. Romania. Sibio. International festival.
2000. November. Yugoslavia. Belgrade. “Beat teff”.
2001. July. France. Grenoble. Festival.
2002. September. Cyprus. Tour around cities.
2003 – 2004. All-Ukrainian tour “Art against Drug Addiction and AIDS”.
1994. 1995. August. September. Great Britain. Edinburgh.

Plays, roles:
Forever alive Anna Mihailovna Kovaliova, theacher of History  
Vira, Nadiia,Lybov
(3 february)
Emma Eduardovna  

(11 february)
(10 february)
Elena Andreevna, Serebryakov's wife  
(17 february)
(16 february)
Last Summer in Chulimsk Horoshyh  
Stronger than passion, more than love
(сегодня, 24 january)
Merchutkina Nastasia; Stepanida Chubukova  

Сильніше пристрасті, більше, ніж любов - Мерчуткіна

Сильніше пристрасті, більше, ніж любов - Мерчуткіна

Кадр из кинофильма Шум ветра

Кадр из кинофильма "Шум ветра"

Прима (Шесть персонажей в поисках автора)

Прима ("Шесть персонажей в поисках автора")

Баронова-Козино (Предчувствие Мины Мазайло)

Баронова-Козино ("Предчувствие Мины Мазайло")

Спектакль Дядя Ваня

Спектакль "Дядя Ваня"

Елена Андреевна (Дядя Ваня)

Елена Андреевна ("Дядя Ваня")