Tatiana Pechenkina

Tatiana Pechenkina

Leading actress of Kiev Academic Drama Theater on Podol. She graduated Kiev Institute of Theater Art named after Karpenko-Kariy. Course of N. Rushkovsky. She has worked at the Theater on Podol since 1987.
Tatiana Pechenkina has been awarded diploma of Kiev City Mayer for the substantial contribution into the development of the national culture and high professional mastership.
She has been also awarded with the diploma “For longstanding fruitful activity, for substantial contribution into the development of theater art in Ukraine”.

Acted in the following performances:

“Opera Mafioso” by V. Stanilov (Eleonora)
"Frecken Julia" after Strindberg (Cook)
"Christmas-crib" by V. Shevchuk (Old Woman, Miss)
"Cantiniere" by C. Goldoni (Actress for li Popolli)
"Mowgli" by R. Kipling (Mother-Wolf)
"Snow White and Seven Dwarfs" by E. Uspensky (Queen)

Participant of theatrical projects and festivals:

1989. USA. Lexington. "Woodlands Festival".
1989. Costa Rica. Festival "San Jose de la Pas".
1990. Greece. Festival "Olimpicos".
1991. USA. New Jersey. Tour around Virginia.
Acted in the movies:
“Pit”, “Fuzhou”

Acted in the following TV movies:

“Alien secrets”, “Madcap”, “Second...”, “Enchantress”, “Former”.
Tatiana Pechenkina is filmed widely and successfully in commercials for trade marks “Nasha Ryaba”, “Wella”, “Radioprojects”, UMС and others.

Plays, roles:
Forever alive
(20 january)
Varvara Kapitonovna, his mother  
(30 )
Vojnitskaya Mariya Vasil'evna, widow of secret adviser, mother of the first wife of professor  
(1 january)
(18 january)
Gabriel, also known as Malu  
What is the way children come from?
(сегодня, 19 )
Alexandra Ivanovna  
(31 )

Анфиса (Антракт)

Анфиса ("Антракт")

Габриэль (Мое столетие)

Габриэль ("Мое столетие")

Александра Ивановна (Откуда берутся дети)

Александра Ивановна ("Откуда берутся дети")

Ортензия (Трактирщица)

Ортензия ("Трактирщица")

Николь (Полоумный Журден)

Николь ("Полоумный Журден")

Мария Васильевна (Дядя Ваня)

Мария Васильевна ("Дядя Ваня")

Анфиса (Антракт)

Анфиса ("Антракт")

Баба (Вертеп)

Баба ("Вертеп")

Малу (Мое столетие)

Малу ("Мое столетие")