Fedor Olkhovsky

Merited Artist of Ukraine

Fedor Olkhovsky

Leading artist of the stage of Kiev Academic Drama Theater on Podol. He graduated Kiev Institute of Theater Art named after Karpenko-Kariy in 1985. Course director А. Gashinsky.
He has worked at the Kiev Academic Drama Theater on Podol since 1988.

Acted in the following performances:

“Lunin, or Jacque’s Death” by E. Radzinsky (Kiselev)
“Night of Miracles” by W. Shakespeare (Theseus, Oberon)
“Christmas-crib” by V. Shevchuk (Guard, Zaporozhets)
“Acting Strindberg” by F. Durrenmatt (Kurt)
“Frecken Julia” by Strindberg (Jean)
“Madrid Waters” Lope de Vega (Don Pedro)
“Idiot” F. Dostoyevsky (Rogozhin)
“Serfdom of devotees” by М. Bulgakov (De Arsinie)
“…But I will come to take your souls…” after V. Vysotsky (Monk)
“Ierma” by Garcia Lorka (Juan)
“Opera Mafioso” by V. Stanilov (director V. Malakhov) - Juzeppe.
“Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” by О. Tabakov, Е. Uspensky (Monday)
“Mowgli” by R. Kipling (Balu)
“Fantasy for Grand Piano and Four Hands” by А. Olmert (Neighbor)
“There two of us now” by Garcia Lorka (Don Drozdilio)
“Quarter of Celestials“ by А. Korotko (Captain)

Participant of theatrical projects and festivals:

1990. June. Greece. Festival “Olimpicos” .
1990. September. Finland. Kiev days in Tamper. Arts Festival.
1991. November. Germany. Freiburg . Tour.
1992. June. USA. Miami. VII International Festival of Spanish Literature “Avante”.
1993. June. Turkey. Billkent. Ankara. International Forum of Theaters.
2000. June. Italy. Rome. Theater “Vascello”. Tour.
2002. September. Cyprus. Tour around the cities.
2002. November. Germany. Munich. Festival of Jewish Art.
2000. 2003. 2004. October. Lvov. Festival “Golden Lion”.

Acted in the following movies:

“Birthday of Bourgeois” (director Mateshko)
“Blue Moon” (director Klaus)
“Ashes of Phoenix” (director Popkov)
“Return of Mukhtar” (director Zlatoustovsky)
“Utesov” (director Nickolaenko)
“Sign of Templars” (director Benkendorf)
“Makhno” (director Kaptan)
“Bloody Circle” (director Neberidze)
“The main thing is to be on time” (director Karichov)
“Agent” (director Morozov)
“Field Officer Kryuk” (director Budenniy)
“Former” (director Khalilullin).

Plays, roles:
Forever alive Nikolaj Nikolaevich Chernov, maneger philharmonic society  
Eyes of the day Taper, Vadim  
DEAD SOULS Manilov, squire  
Letter to God Tihonenko  
LOONY JOURDAN Madam Jurden  
LAST LANDING, or one day from the life of the inner organ Mister NN  
PHARAOHS Nikоlay Taran, manager by mechanization  
THAT I DREAMED Petro Ivanovich  

Госпожа Журден (Полоумный Жерден)

Госпожа Журден ("Полоумный Жерден")

Фёдор Ольховский

Фёдор Ольховский

Премьер (Шесть персонажей в поисках автора)

Премьер ("Шесть персонажей в поисках автора")

Манилов (Мёртвые души)

Манилов ("Мёртвые души")

Изжогин (Игры олигархов)

Изжогин ("Игры олигархов")

Швохнев (Игроки)

Швохнев ("Игроки")

 Пані Журден (Дивакуватий  Журден)

Пані Журден ("Дивакуватий Журден")

Стражник (Вертеп)

Стражник ("Вертеп")

Пётр (Антракт)

Пётр ("Антракт")

Микола Таран (Фараони)

Микола Таран ("Фараони")

Дядько Тарас (Передчуття Мини Мазайла)

Дядько Тарас ("Передчуття Мини Мазайла")

Олексій (В степах України)

Олексій ("В степах України")