Igor Slavinsky

Merited Artist of Ukraine

Igor Slavinsky

Director Kyiv National Theater, Film and TV University named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary. Teaches acting at the Kiev National University of Theater, Film and TV named after I.K. Karpenko-Kary.

Since 2008 - director of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater in Podol.

In the theater since 1987.




"Lunin, or the Death of Jacques" - Emperor 
"Night of Miracles" by V. Shakespeare - Lizandra 
"Innkeeper" by K. Goldoni - Cavalier Rippaphratta

"Mowgli" by R. Kipling - Author

"I killed" T. Ivashchenko - Chief Doctor 
"Opera Mafioso" by V. Stanilov - Police Officer, Impresario 
"Feast in a Time of Plague" by A. Pushkin - Salieri 
"Summer and Smoke" by T. Williams 
"Honeymoon of the Commissioner of Police" R. Tom - Eduard 
"Translations" B. Freila - Captain 
"... But I Will Come for Your Souls ..." according to V. Vysotsky - Hero 
"Treasures of Bahram" by R. Kachalov, E. Uspensky - Bahram 
"Quarter of Celestials" by A. Korotko - Hero 
"Iago" by W. Shakespeare - Brabantio 
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" by O. Tabakov, E.Uspensky - Artist of Desires



In the Theater on Podol:

"... But I Will Come for Your Souls ..." according to V. Vysotsky 
"Contrabass" P. Zyuskinda 
"... Of Love in Ancient Mist ..." according to M. Tsvetaeva

"Sherry-brandy" by O. Mandelshtam

"The Luxembourg Garden" by I. Brodsky

"Dead Souls" by M. Bulgakov

"Levushka" A. Krim

"LA BONNE ANNA", or How to Save the Family "M. Kamoletti.

In the Young Theater:

"Blue Car" according to Ya. Stelmakh.

In the theater "Suzir'ya":

"Matchmaking in a Country Way" according to B.Show 
"In Drum Lane" by B. Okudzhava 
Theatrical trilogy "The Silver Age": "The End of the Beautiful Epoch", "Parnassus On End", "The Splinter" by F. Sagan

In the theater "Actor":

"Letters of Love" by Gurney



Twice winner of the TV and cinema forum of the CIS countries in Yalta for the author's TV program "Jam Day". 
Laureate nominee "For best children's program" of the All-Ukrainian TV contest "Golden Era". 
Laureate of the All-Ukrainian TV contest for best children's program "Crystal Sources" ("Evening Fairy Tale"). 
Winner of the "Kiev Pectoral" for best chamber performance of 2003 ("Parnassus On End"). Winner of the "Kiev Pectoral" as best director, as well as for best performances of 2010 "Dead Souls" by M. Bulgakov and "Luxembourg Garden." Winner of the Ambrose Buchma theatrical award in 2010 for best direction of the performances "Dead Souls" by M. Bulgakov and "Luxembourg Garden."





1990. June. Greece. Festival "Olimpicos". 
1990. September. Finland. Days of Kiev in the Tampere. Festival of Arts. 
1993. 1994. 1995. August-September. United Kingdom. Edinburgh.

1994. 1995. August. United Kingdom. Wales. Cardiff.

1994. 1995. September. Egypt. Cairo. Festival of experimental performances. 
1995. August. Belarus. Brest. "Bela Vezha". 
2000. June. Italy. Rome. Theater "Wachelet". Tour. 
2002. September. Cyprus. Tour of the cities. 
2004. Kherson "Melpomene of Tavria". 
2004. Ukraine. Feodosia - Simferopol "The Crimean Ark". 
2004. August. Belarus. Brest. "Bela Vezha". 
2000. 2003. 2004. October. Lvov "The Golden Lion".


Томский (Зеркало Сен-Жермена)

Томский ("Зеркало Сен-Жермена")

Серебряков (Дядя Ваня)

Серебряков ("Дядя Ваня")

Буденный (В степях Украины)

Буденный ("В степях Украины")

Серебряков (Дядя Ваня)

Серебряков ("Дядя Ваня")

Моноспектакль Контрабас П. Зюскинда

Моноспектакль "Контрабас" П. Зюскинда

Томский (Зеркало Сен-Жермена )

Томский ("Зеркало Сен-Жермена" )