Igor Slavinsky

Merited Artist of Ukraine

Igor Slavinsky

Leading artist of the stage of Kiev Academic Drama Theater on Podol. Honored Artist of Ukraine. He graduated Kiev Institute of Theater Art named after Karpenko-Kariy.
He has worked at the Theater on Podol since 1987.
Professor of acting skills at the National University of Theater, Cinema and TV named after Karpenko-Kariy.
Professional awards
Twice awardee of TV and movie forums of CIS countries in Yalta for the TV program “Den’ Varenya”.
Nominee for “The best children program” of the All-Ukrainian TV contest “Golden Era”.
Awardee of the All-Ukrainian TV contest for the best program for children “Chrystal springs” (“Night Tale”).
Awardee “Kiev pectorals” for the best chamber performance of 2003.

Stage directions:

Theater on Podol
“…But I Will Come to Take Your Souls…” after V. Vysotsky.
“Contrabass” by P. Zuskind.
“…Ancient Fogs of Love…” after М. Tsvetaeva.
Youth Theater
“Blue car” after Ya. Stelmakh.
Theater “Suzirya”
“Rural-type matchmaking” after B. Shaw.
“In Barabanniy Lane” after B. Okudjava.
Theatrical trilogy “Silver age” – “The End of the Wonderful Epoch”, “Parnassus on End”, “Splinter” after F. Sagan.
Theater “Actor”
“Letters of Love” after O. Henry.

Acted in performances of the Theater on Podol:

“Lunin, or Jacque’s Death” (Emperor)
“Night of Miracles” by W. Shakespeare (Lizander)
“Cantiniere” after C. Goldoni (Chevalier Ripofratta)
“Mowgli” by R. Kipling (Author)
“I killed” by Т. Ivashchenko (Head Doctor)
“Opera Mafioso” by V. Stanilov (Policeman, Impresario)
“Feast during the Plague” after А. Pushkin (Salieri)
“Summer and smoke” by Т. Williams
“Honey Moon of the Police Officer” by R. Tom (Eduard)
“Translations” by Bryan Frill (Captain)
“…But I Will Come to Take Your Souls…” after V. Vysotsky’s verses (Main Character)
“Treasures of Bahram” by R. Kachalov, G. Uspensky (Bahram)
“Quarter of Celestials” by А. Korotko (Main Character)
“Iago” after W. Shakespeare (Brabancio)
“Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” by О. Tabakov and E. Uspensky (Wishes fulfiller).


“Sherry brandy” after О. Mandelstam (Poet)
“Contrabass” by P. Zuskind (Main Character)

Participant of theatrical projects and festivals:

1990. June. Greece. Festival “Olimpicos” .
1990. September. Finland. Kiev days in Tamper. Arts Festival.
1994. 1995. September. Egypt. Cairo. Festival of experimental performances.
1995. August. Belorussia. Brest. “Bila Vezha”.
2000. June. Italy. Rome. Theater “Vascello”. Tour.
2002. September. Cyprus. Tour around the cities.
2004. Kherson “Melpomene of Tavria”.
2004. Ukraine. Feodosiya - Simferopol “Crimean Ark”.
2004. August. Belorussia. Brest. “Bila Vezha”.
1994. 1995. August. Great Britain. Wales. Cardiff.
2000. 2003. 2004. October. Lvov “Golden Lion”.
1993. 1994. 1995. August - September. Great Britain. Edinburg.


Plays, roles:
(30 )

Томский (Зеркало Сен-Жермена)

Томский ("Зеркало Сен-Жермена")

Серебряков (Дядя Ваня)

Серебряков ("Дядя Ваня")

Буденный (В степях Украины)

Буденный ("В степях Украины")

Серебряков (Дядя Ваня)

Серебряков ("Дядя Ваня")

Моноспектакль Контрабас П. Зюскинда

Моноспектакль "Контрабас" П. Зюскинда

Томский (Зеркало Сен-Жермена )

Томский ("Зеркало Сен-Жермена" )