Vladimir Goryansky

People's Artist of Ukraine
Invited actor

Vladimir Goryansky

People's Artist of Ukraine

Invited actor. Leading actor of the Kiev Academic Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left Bank.

He was born in Stakhanov. He graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Theatrical School.

Laureate of the National Award "Person of the Year - 2002" in the nomination "Best Actor of the Year" in 2003 and 2005, 
Winner of the "Wheel of Fortune" 
Twice winner of the award "Kiev Pectoral" 
Knight of the Order of St. Vladimir,

Knight of the Order of Friendship (Russia). 


2007. Psychiatric 
2007. Queen. Chief Constructor 
2007. When You Do Not Expect Her At All 
2007. Hold Me Tighter 
2006. Cliffs. A Song of Long Life 
2006. Payment for Sins 
2006. The Madhouse 
2006. Two in One 
2006. Urban Romance 
2006. All Inclusive 
2006. Guardian Angel 
2006. Aurora, or What Sleeping Beauty Dreams Of 
2005. Right to Love 
2005. The Golden Guys 
2005. Female Intuition 2 
2005. Yesenin 
2004. Traders 
2004. Guidebook 
2004. Against the Current 
2004. Healing with Love 
2004. Games of Grown Girls 
2004. The Iron Hundred 
2004. The Joker 
2003. Right to Defense 
2003. Spirit of the Earth 
2003. Dasha Vasileva 1 - A Lover of Private Investigation 
2003. The Crazy Day or the Marriage of Figaro 
2002. Under the Roofs of a Big City 
2002. Lady Mayor 
2002. Cinderella 
2002. Tomorrow Will Be Tomorrow 
2002. Dasha Vasileva 2 - A Lover of Private Investigation 
2001. Birthday of Burzhuy - 2 
2001. Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka 
2000. The Adventures of the Abandoned Husband 
2000. The Unconquered / The Incantations 
1999. Birthday of Burzhuy 
1993. Night of Questions 
1980. The Sailors Have No Questions 
1980. Mercedes Leaves the Chase 
1980. We Take Everything Upon Ourselves.