Vitaliy Ivanchenko

Invited actor

Vitaliy Ivanchenko

Invited actor. Ivanchenko Vitali graduated from Variety Circus College in 2003, Babayev's course. From 2003 to 2011 he worked in Russian drama.

2017 Servant of the People 2 (series) "From Love to Impeachment" (Ukraine) by A. Kiryushchenko - Vitaly Romanchenko, a deputy from the "Welfare" faction (Ukraine)

2017 "Ruby Wedding Ring" - Peter (Ukraine)

2017 "Upside Down" - the main role (Ukraine)

2016 Servant of the People 2 film (Ukraine) by A. Kiryushchenko " - Vitaly Romanchenko, deputy from the "Welfare" faction (Ukraine) (

2016 "Relatives" / "Relatives" (Ukraine) dir A. Yakovlev, Viktor Artyukhov - head role

2016 "A Bad Good Cop" - (Ukraine) by M. Litvinov, Ilya Buryak - head role

2016 "Welcome to the Canaries" (Ukraine) by V. Kharchenko-Kulikovsky, Victor, farm manager

2016 Thunderstorm over Tikhorechye (Ukraine) - Vadim, from the district

2015 Servant of the people | Servant of the people (Ukraine): Vitaliy Romanchenko, a deputy from the "Welfare" faction

2015 The Last Janissary (Russia, Ukraine) :: Mikhail Ivanovich Gladish Police Officer

2015 Dog (Ukraine): Kid 1st - 4th series

2014 Ambulance (Ukraine): Igor Semenovich Tagantsev 2nd series

2014 While the Village Sleeps (Russia, (Ukraine) :: Mikhail Ivanovich Gladysh police district

2014 Husband for an Hour (Ukraine): Vasya employee of the firm "Husband for an Hour"

2014 Labyrinths of Fate (Ukraine): episode

2014 Mongrel Lyalya (Ukraine): Kharitonov, Uncle of Mary

2014 Bull and Spindle: Sidorov, Captain of the Police

2013 Crooked Mirror of the Soul (Ukraine) :: Peter Yevgeniyovych Investigator of the Prosecutor's Office

2013 I am Angina! : Peak

2013 Kiss! : Boris Pastushkin

2013 Captive (Ukraine): Venya

2013 Kredens (Ukraine): Boris

2013 Female Doctor 2 (Ukraine): Peter Smirnov Parents do not choose | 46th series

2013 General's Daughter-In-Law: Vasily, Svetlana's husband

2012 I love, because I love (Ukraine) :: Gene's husband Zinaida

2012 Stories of the Graphomaniac (Ukraine)

2012 Defender: Chuchelnik's accomplice

2012 Jamaica :: Stepan Ivanovich Ivanov Major, a member of the colony

2011 Pandora's Box :: Director of the boarding school

2011 Celestial Relatives (Ukraine), a witness

2011 Tales of Mitya (Ukraine), Sasha

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