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Performance start 16:00
Ticket price 250-700 hrn
Zoyka’s Apartment

“Kyiv Pectoral” – 2019 Award in the nomination “The Best Supporting Actress” – Larisa Troyanovska. 

“Kyiv Pectoral” – 2019 Award in the nomination “The Best Actor” – Roman Khalaimov. 

Who is a successful woman?

She who has her own luxurious apartment;

She who can support a loved one;

She who can start her own business;

She who knows how to solve any question.

You can not earn a lot of money by honest work, and without them the door to Europe is closed. Therefore, a real businesswoman does the business for which there is demand – opens a brothel – didn’t Karl Marx claim so?

Zoya Denisovna learned to read between the lines. When chaos reigns in the country – capitalism flourishes in her, cute apartment.

Live music by the Theater on Podil group – BRUKIDAST BAND. 

Attention! Gunshots ring out in the play. 


Maxim Golenko, director:

“We make a performance in the theater on Podil, opposite to which is Bulgakov’s house. How not to show Bulgakov here?

“Zoyka’s Apartment” is a tender farewell to the Soviet demons and part of the process of decommunization.

I am a person from the Soviet past, who was born in the late 1970s, so I caught the time of priorities change.

We are talking about a lapse from virtue, when for the sake of dreams you cross the forbidden edges and you are most likely waiting for the inevitable retribution, about an attempt to escape from the Soviet reality.

In this story there is retro, detective, humor, erotica, entertaining beginning and, eventually, Bulgakov. Is that not enough?”

Performance language - Ukrainian

Additional Information - Translation by Olga Baibak

3 hours with intermission

Genre - Tragicomedy

First night - 15 June 2019

Author - Mikhail Bulgakov

Director - Maxim Golenko

Set Designer - Volodymyr Karashevsky

Costume Designer - Julia Zaulichna

Music - Timur Polyanskyi

- Ivan Zavgorodnii

Choreographer - Pavel Ivlyushkin

Lighting Designer - Sergey Nevgadovsky

Sound Engineer - Sergey Shevchenko

Stage manager - Sofia Lyudvichenko

Zoya Denisovna Pelts, widow
Pavel Fedorovich Oblianinov
Alexander Tarasovych Ametystov, administrator
Manyushka, Zoyka's maid
Anisim Zotikovich Aliluyya, chairman of the booth
Alla Vadimovna
Boris Semenovich Goose-Repairing, Commercial Director of Refractory Metal Trust
Madame Ivanova
The dead body of Ivan Vasilyevich
Comrade Pestrukhin