Playbill of events

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Scene Theater lounge
Performance start 19:00
Ticket price 150 hrn

Dedicated to the memory of People’s Artist of Ukraine Igor Slavinsky!

The frogs lived happily and safely in the swamp, and there were only two worries in their lives: the toads were the worst enemies that drove them out of the swamp, and the stork, who was their inescapable fate.
The days consisted of ordinary affairs: the frogs caught their dinner, fell in love, quarreled, married and died, were friends and betrayed.
And were very, very similar to people.

This is a story for adults. No wonder that Solomon taught with the help of a fairytale to get better: the wisest piece of advice is the one you give yourself.


Performance language - russian

1 hour without intermission

Genre - Ironic play

First night - 9 november 2018

Author - Alexander Kostinsky

Production director - Igor Slavinsky

Directors - Sergey Sipliviy

- Alina Tunik

Set Designer - Maria Pogrebnyak

Costume Designer - Svetlana Zaikina

Music - Igor Slavinsky

Choreographer - Ksenia Ivanenko

Lighting Designer - Sergey Nevgadovsky

Sound - Sergey Shevchenko

Stage managers - Sofia Ludvichenko, Lyubov Skirko