Playbill of events

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Scene Igor Slavinskiy`s stage
Performance start 19:00

Theatrical bouts-rimes VERNISSAGE ON THE ANDREEVSKY is a kaleidoscope of vivid characters, legends and stories. Perhaps this word perfectly describes the colorful Andreevsky descent today. The performance tells at once a few strangely intertwined stories.

The events take place in a cafe called “Mamihlapinatapai”, which translated from the language of the tribe of Tierra del Fuego (Yagan) means «A look between two people, which expresses the desire of everyone that the other will initiate what they both want, but no one wants to be first». This word can be considered accidental, but not for such a street, where chance changes the course of events. By the way, this word is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as such that it contains the most meanings. Like one small street, which has collected dozens of such multicolored centers of culture.

And the performance VERNISSAGE ON THE ANDREEVSKY became a very characteristic performance-carnival, in which we try every time to recreate the spirit of an extraordinary street in a fictional cafe called “Mamihlapinatapai”.

Performance language - russian

3 hours with intermission

Genre - Theatrical bouts-rimes

First night - 20 June 2014

Director - Vitaly Malakhov (1954 - 2021)

Set Designer - Maria Pogrebnyak

Costume Designer - Nina Rudenko

Music - Vladimir Borisov

Vocal coach - Marina Kerusenko

Sign language coach - Tatyana Zhurkova

Stage manager - Sofia Lyudvichenko

Myroslav Pervozvanny