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Performance start 16:00
Grey Bees

“Kyiv Pectoral” – 2019 Award in the nomination “For Best Dramatic Performance”. 

Exclusive in the Theater on Podil performance based on Andriy Kurkov novel “Grey Bees”, which entered “BBC Book of the Year-2018” short-list.

Enemies of childhood can not become true friends, but they have to spend the cold winter evenings in the company of each other. Because they were left only two. The last two inhabitants of the village.

About the Author:

Andriy Kurkov – the most famous Ukrainian writer in Europe, author of more than 20 books, writes for adults and children, scriptwriter. Head of the Ukrainian Pen-club. His works are translated into 36 languages ​​of the world. European Film Award winner as the best screenwriter.

The author about “Grey Bees”:

– This is a story about the “gray zone”, which can be inside or around a person. What is the influence of the environment – both political and social – on the life of a person who lives in places where there are not enough initiatives, thoughts, colors. That is, in principle, where the country is not felt, but only the territory is felt.

Director of the play:

– This is generally a very simple story. About people far from a banal policy, from its slogans, about people who are in doubt.

There is no one in the play – for Ukraine, and another – against it. Life has put in such circumstances that one of them is more convenient to go for food to the territory controlled by the occupants. Such a choice can not be condemned, because the war is unnatural for a person.

There is such a statement: “You can pay no attention to politics, but there will come a time when politics will take care of you”.

Performance language – Ukrainian

2 hours 50 minutes with intermission

Genre – Drama

Author – Andriy Kurkov

Director & Set Designer – Vitaly Malakhov

Costume Designer – Svitlana Zaikina

Music – Timur Polyanskyi 

Choreographer – Angelika Borisova

Lighting Designer – Sergey Nevgadovsky, Victor Leonidov 

Sound Engineer – Sergey Shevchenko

Video – Alexander Bratinov, Sergey Titenko

Stage managers – Tatiana Antonova

Performance language - (Ua) українська

(Ua) 2 години 50 хвилин з антрактом

Genre - (Ua) Драма

First night - 7 December 2019

Author - (Ua) Андрій Курков

(Ua) Режисер-постановник та художник-постановник - Vitaly Malakhov (1954 - 2021)

(Ua) Художник з костюмів - Svitlana Zaikina

(Ua) Музичне оформлення - Timur Polyanskyi

(Ua) Балетмейстер - Angelika Borisova

(Ua) Художник з освітлення - Sergey Nevgadovsky

- (Ua) Віктор Леонідов

(Ua) Звукорежисер - Sergey Shevchenko

(Ua) Відео - Alexander Bratinov

- (Ua) Сергій Тітенко

(Ua) Помічник режисера - Tatiana Antonova

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