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Scene Theater lounge
Ticket price 100 hrn
“The Elder Son” is one of Vampilov’s most famous plays. It is about a ridiculous and funny person, full of love, tenderness and compassion for all people. It is so easy to deceive him. This story begins with a deception, when two young people, escorting girls to the suburbs, are late for the last train. In search for warmth and somewhere to stay for the night, the unlucky couple get into the house of an eccentric musician. And this leads to the most unexpected consequences, turning the lives of all the heroes of the play upside down…
New meanings are explored in the play, boldly revealing the sharp comedy and piercing lyricism of the plot, the creators of the play tell a funny and sad story about love and loneliness, about finding oneself and about the necessity of every person to be heard and understood. 

Performance language - Russian

2 hours 50 minutes with intermission

Genre - Lyrical comedy

First night - 3 April 2012

Author - A. Vampilov

Director - Igor Volkov

Set Designer - Sergey Nagorny

Costume Designer - Nina Rudenko

Music - Vladimir Borisov

Stage Manager - Sofia Lyudvichenko