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Scene Igor Slavinskiy`s stage
Performance start 19:00
Ticket price 150 hrn

“Kiev Pectoral” award – 2006 “For the best chamber performance”  

A family of four women – and this is four generations – live in a house that will soon be demolished. It must disappear from the face of the earth along with the twentieth century, the page of history must turn to give way to the new century. The oldest in this family is Malu – great-grandmother, a century old, her life began under a kerosene lamp, now she lives in a world of video and internet. The life of the heroine flashed by brightly and cheerfully. She had famous lovers.
Her daughter Marele – a generation of children sacrificed to war. Her granddaughter Nina – a representative of the era of hippies and the sexual revolution.
The great-granddaughter Fostine – the young generation of the new century, a child of unemployment, lost landmarks, and she lives with her friend…

Performance language - Russian

Additional Information - Winner of the "Kyiv Pectoral" theatrical award

2 hours without intermission

Genre - Melodrama

First night - 30 September 2005

Author - Michele Lorans

Director - Vitaly Malakhov (1954 - 2021)

Set Designer - Olena Sergiy

Costume Designer - Nina Rudenko

Music - Vladimir Borisov

Choreographer - Angelika Borisova

Stage Managers - Sofia Lyudvichenko, Tatiana Antonova, Victoria Nabedrik

Gabriel, also known as Malu
Nina, grandchild of Gabriel
Marel, daughter of Gabriel
Fostine, her great-granddaughter