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Scene Theater lounge
Performance start 12:00
Ticket price 300 hrn
“Pan Lamp” – an immersive performance for children from 6 to 106 years. Together with the actors, we will end up in a strange world of children’s fantasies, fears, challenges and victories. But we will not get lost on the way, because Pan Lamp will always be with us. And although he is an old man, his head is shining like a real lamp.
“Pan Lamp” – a fairy tale, built of 10 short stories. Together with granddad and his caring granddaughter, Psyukha, we will meet the stupefying characters: Grandma Draptsya, who goes up the ditch, sisters Kusiuk, who are the most unusual fleas in the world, Mrs. Strashinsky, who loves to scare children most of all in the world (but we will not give her !) The Maiden Sun itself will come to visit us and who knows who else is. Humorous friends will sing, brawl and solve the most difficult life issues. In order to understand the simple truth in the final: when you share your inner light – it’s just greater.

Performance language - Ukrainian

1 hour 15 minutes

Genre - A fairytale for small children and big adults

First night - 5 January 2019

Author - Malina Psheslyuga

Director - Дмитро Захоженко

Set & Costume Designer - Maria Khomyakova

Costume Technologist - Svetlana Zaikina

Music - Kirill Karpuk, Kostiantyn Temliak, Yulia Shevchenko

Choreographer - Angelika Borisova

Lighting Designer - Sergey Nevgadovsky

Sound engineer - Sergey Shevchenko

Video - Alexander Bratinov

Stage manager - Tetyana Antonova, Lyubov Skirko

Grandma Draptsya
Mrs. Strashinsky
Mr. Literal